Saturday, January 08, 2011

get this year started right...

if you ever feel a little lonely, getting sick definitely multiplies the feeling. I woke up this morning pretty feverish like around 2:30am... hot and sweaty and nauseous etc. sick all morning . tried going down to the college for this training thing I had, but I just turned around and left and told 'em I was too sick. laid around all morning staring at the tv and falling to sleep and not, and then threw up at 12 noon. all the ice water I'd been drinking this morning...I sure felt better though after throwing up. I've been sipping water and laying around all day and staring at the wall etc... and then made some green tree about an hour ago and just sitting here watching Royal Tennenbaums on tv. sigh... not a very sexy blog entry! ha. I pretty much got some bug that my sister's whole family had and some others, and then I think OKC in general had it going around. blah. finally caught up with me I guess. And I'm the man that NEVER gets sick. I had a marathon day planned too with the college teacher training until 1, and then meeting my cousin for a show at the civic center downtown at 130, dinner afterward etc... but I have to say I'm actually glad I got to stay home today because the last 3 weekends were so super busy.
btw for 2011 I'm basically focusing on two things, lot more prayer and a lot less sugar. :) I got a SUUUHHH WEET cd mix in the mail today, from a college buddy out in California, this is his 3rd annual cd mix and every year , seriously, those cd's become the soundtrack of my life for a while. ha I decided this year I'd send him back a mix of all the British stuff I got on my itunes and then I also bought him a hoodie just like my new favorite awesome Kozyndan PUma hoodie that I've worn prolly 4 times since during the week I've had it. found it on Ebay... also got some Kozyndan Puma slip-ons for next summer, for me.
yeah just sitting around all day trying to sleep and not move around much. Since I am never sick and always go go going or doing something., I hate getting sick, not to mention not eating. but I guess I could look at it like a fast today. I've prayed several times. for me, for my austin bud in rehab. my cousin's son and my neice's ex husband who are both addicts. family's health and my brother's job find and marriage etc --- not that it's all that interesting, but remember this blog is like my journal to remember my ideas and thoughts and all that.
oh the gym yesterday! ok so there is this guy that calls me Mr (my name) at the gym which is funny 'cause I subbed at his school like 3 years ago. anyway, he's a baseball player now at a bible college southside okc and has been working out everyday at the gym during break, and so we've chatted it up some. he's got pretty much perfect freshman sophomore baseball body, dark hair dark eyes. and that dude is ALWAYS getting a drink from the fountain and lifting up his shirt to wipe his lips. and if I'm lucky it's while walking my direction or toward the mirror I'm facing. hey I don't cruise at the gym, I'm actually aggressively not ever looking at guys that way. ha. but anyway, so this guy loves his abs. he does. well yesterday he's talking with a highschool bud of his, another regular dude there, and I'm on one side of the floor, and looking into the mirror and glancing their way while they start discussing abs, and lifting shirts to compare. and then thank you very much baseball player for being so free with the shorts pull down a bit too low and I could see that nice ripped defined line between the abs and leg.. oh. guys settle down over there. ha ha. it's pretty cool though that guys are SUCH exhibitionist. I mean look at all the poor souls out there can't get a naked body pic or video of them stroking for the world to see fast enough. wow. I'm not sure if guys think that's congruous with being gay but it should't be. I'm not complaining or anything, but it's just that everyone's put themselves out there, hot or no! etc..
speaking of gym. I've been doing that Men's Health 28 days to a better looking body work out (WAY MORE THAN 28 DAYS< I KNOW)that I started a month before fall break Austin trip. well anyway, it's mainly legs and back etc that you trade off doing different stuff every other day. well anyway, man i like that I'm doing my legs a lot more now, and then I've noticed that my chest has gotten a better shape on top. There is this one workout for chest where you benchpress with hands about shoulder length together and keeping elbows into your sides as you push up. Seriously liking the results. I'm going to go back to my old routine in a couple weeks so as to shake it up again now that I'm in this new rut.
2011 and romance? what's going on there with Dan??? well I'm not going to talk about it right now. I'm wearing a sweater and hat and slippers trying to keep from getting a chill and waiting to see if my stomach is on the verge of a hunger pain or just nauseous again. I expect to feel better tomorrow as my family said it was a one day thing for all of them.
man I haven't thrown up in a LONG LONG time, I can't even remember last time I was sick, maybe when I lived in Central America but I think that was always intestinal, same for kabbuul. hope everyone got a good start back to 2011. my public school classes went well enough. I reset the rules, and talked EACH DAY again and again how they are young men and women and are aware of not speaking while the teacher is speaking, and how this semester I'm not saying,"that's a warning" I'm just saying "detention" if they are speaking while I'm teaching. I am really going to tighten up that ship! ha also , maybe good news on getting a smart board for my room next week. woot woot.

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i watched a few youtube episodes of this show last weekend, pretty funny, even though I'm not British and probably missing most of the humor...this clip was amusing..., this character Brynn is not at all a gay character but they always have him innocently saying and doing the most hilarious confusing stuff. ha

also I really like the girl's cigarette flick before entering the club at the end..

Monday, January 03, 2011

good ole b/w

stock club

I joined a stock club about 2 years ago, this was spring of 2009 around March and my first purchases were right at the time everything dipped way low. SO I was off to a good start... anyway, now I meet once a month with 2 older married couples at the bank with the investment guy that works there, and he educates us and asks us questions, and we discuss what may or may not happen with this or that stock... tonight I was able to go since my night classes don't start back up until the 15th. We all agreed to change the meetings to first Thursdays so I'd be able to make it. We also decided to sell Dell, GE, and veolia environment which have been pretty stagnant and low, and put the money into ATT which has a great dividend. Fun thing about this group is I can just sit and listen and we are all just learning about stocks in general. Also one of the couples, the wife was my 7th grade English teacher. Basically we meet up and talk about stocks and add $50 each month to the fund. so if nothing else it's like saving money while I'm learning about investing, the way I see it.
back to work tomorrow at my public school job. I got my classroom situated today and some worksheets written up. My school doesn't have any newcomer curriculum, so I write up more of the lessons and activities on my own, usual part of teaching ESL.
received news about my bud in rehab. I think he's done 2 of 3 months. although his sort of ex bf told me he had NO CONTACT... well, his other past ex bf that lives in Dallas messaged me last night to call him. He told me the address and phone number of the place so I can at least start mailing my bud some encouraging notes. :)
I doubt I'll call because when you call you have to give the first name and last initial of who you are calling, then say your name and phone number, then say your message, and then the hospital will read it to them whatever you say. interesting eh?
I'm resting up tonight and hitting the sack early so I can get up and off to work in time tomorrow morning. I will need all the energy possible to get the kids back into school mode., ugh.. also need to discuss some sharpening up of classroom procedure.. ugh ugh. but I am also ready to see all the fun kids and see who returns and doesn't return. It's my first year at the school and word is that we always lose a few and gain a few. so the challenge is getting someone new with NO ENGLISH into the newcomer program after the rest of us have been hopefully gaining some English already...oh yeah, also hopefully they haven't forgotten all their English after 2 weeks break!

more Darren Criss...

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in case you hadn't already seen this one.... I didn't know it existed before it came on the screen fri night.... ha

Dan's favorite things...

If you've read for a time, I've mentioned my love for the art style of KOZYNDAN in these two posts before. While at the Puma outlet store I came across these Kozyndan version Puma shoes and hoodie and couldn't buy 'em fast enough. I promptly went online when I got back to OKC and searched eBay for more, finding a few must have t-shirts.
I'm wearing the hoodie now and an will wear it to teacher work day tomorrow again. loving it. It's weird when I really like something, I want to buy an extra (I saw the hoodie on ebay also) but I have to hold my American-consumer-who has everything compared to the rest of the world-self back and remember how most people have so little , much less an extra favorite hoodie and pair of shoes in waiting. ha
I also got a pair of summer weight chino pants at J Crew outlet which I'll cut off to bermuda shorts length next summer. and lastly I bought short sleeve polo shirt at the kenneth cole store, couldn't' resist for $12! :)
NOTE: I left the striped sweater in the dryer and wore my long sleeve grey shirt all weekend in dallas. ha. but good news is my houston buds said I looked like I'd been working out..who doesn't want to hear that?
UPDATE: LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hoodie and shoes....

dallas new years

well another gay bar new year in Dallas. Happy new year blogger buddies. hope everyone got off to a good start. I had a blast in Texas this last weekend. drove down friday morning and visited with Speedy at his place before heading up to IKEA. Got some good things there, mainly Christmas lights marked way way down and stuff for the house, like new bathroom rug I needed and rugs for the front and back door, lamp shade etc etc etc. oh yeah, also a sauce pot for the stove since my ex roomie ran off with all my pots and pans (that hot muscley non rent paying jerk, ha). lots and lots of napkins supply and some other random organizing stuff for work and my closet. blah. always fun hitting that place.
next went back to Speedy's to rest up for new years eve. met my OKC buds, 2 that came down from okc and 2 that drove up from houston, and then there were 5 other dallas guys. The ten of us had reservations at 730 at Pappas Bros steakhouse. I have to say it was an EXCELLENT meal. YUM! but I wasn't expecting eating sitting there forever until we got out eventually at 1130 just about.. whoah. LONG NIGHT! I know a nice long evening over a wonderful dinner is not unusual, but not for me on new years eve from here on out. :) I liek to get to the bars say around 1030 and start getting one drink at one bar, then make my way to another and stake out the place so to speak....

----go ahead play the music while you read, you know you wanna------
Our group got seperated on the way and I ended up with some dallas guys at Woody's for new years. pretty strange new year actually, but the most enjoyable part of the new year was how "teenage dream" came on the video's at the bar and the whole bar was singing along. oh man, you know I love that cute guy who sings it on GLEE. that was great, doesn't take much to make me happy, ya know. we finished our beer and found the rest of the group at ROUNDUP. man what a place, I've had friends from NYC and Florida both tell me you just don't see that big a group of guys in one place. I mean all ages and looking good. man that was fun. I was eyeing down this guy at the bar for a while. very nice muscly guys tight guns busting out of his short sleeves etc... but he was with some friends and I was getting no where. so I went back to my buds and ended up catching the eye of a nice tightbodied latin guy. I got the two things I wanted out of the evening., a grope and a kiss! nice. I got the guy's number since he's from Houston.
new years day, slept it some, got up and after breakfast went to the Asian market with Speedy and hottie younger bf. next went to West Elm over at Mockingbird station, alas the Centre was closed and the Paperie store no longer there. next went to World Market on Greenville and Lover's lane, then met my okc buds up at the Premium Outlet mall in Allen TX north of Plano. there were some good sales there, not all that great overall, but some great prices on a few things I really liked and bought.
(San Marcos and Austin has a crabtree&evelyn store I like for soap and shaving lotion but anyway....)
I left my buds to finish their dallas weekend. and although I was getting texts from the Houston guy and considered staying another night there, I really jsut wanted to get back home for the OU game. I had to listen to most of the first half on the way up, but got home in time for the last half.
great way to start the year, was up at church with the family this morning, and then got some Christmas stuff all boxed up and organized, sort of, then the gym where I found my favorite inspiration the Rock-looking cop and his younger brother. not to mention the younger tall egyptian hung guy that works out there a lot too. Also the usually after new years crowd today. ha
well I'll be honest I was going to delete and quit the blog for my new year 2011, but I recently received about 4 new emails in the last couple weeks from guys in my similar situation so I thought maybe I'll try and keep it going for a while longer. my plan B resolution is delete all my favorites and random porn on my computer, which I HAVE done. excluding the soft porn file for blog pics of course. ;)
next post, pics of some my purchases. ahh yeah. :)