Monday, September 05, 2011

what up wknd!?

when I first arrived to the small AR town where I attended college at, I first went to the downtown city barber shop... in hopes of seeing Bill the barber and getting a cut for old times sake. turns out he only works Tues and Wed now and is semi retired.. ah shucks. I went ahead and got a cut from some other guy, and man I mean CHOPPED. I asked for a high and tight, real short around the back and sides and longer on top so that it lays down... well it's pretty much a buzz cut with sort of more on the tip top and front.... oops. well I don't really care anyway, it will grow out enough by NYC in OCT.
I had an EXCELLENT WEEKEND, went to an Episcopalian church Sun morn with the ex gf and her folks like I already mentioned. My former English prof Dr. G was there with his wife so I got a hug and from both and said hey, we're all getting together at Homecoming this year with another former prof and a handful of former students this year. Should be a good time, i also spoke to him about my teaching experience etc. also saw a friend, H's mom. I asked about him and found out he's still in CA. SHe obviously proud of him and I said how I was also so impressed at him being successful and getting out of the small town AR to CA. He went out there and did some interning for a music company, then began working for this songwriter who writes tons of Celine Dions big hits... kept working, at some point ended up at Picasa, then Google, and now Youtube via Google. He's also still the same nice guy which is cool. anyway, went back to the gf's place and they fixed an Indonesian style lunch with two kinds of nut sauce, sauteed pork ska bobs. chicken, rice, fried shrimp chips, soy sauce from there etc... THey were missionaries there at one point so they were trying to remember some tastes and foods. ha I rested easy lazy SUnday afternoon and hung out at my friend S and J's place the couple I always stay with, played with their two boys all day kidding around. then by 7 we went back to the ex gf's place for "music night" party she'd she'd planned . I arrived same as Cas and Trac, a married couple from church. SHe brought her guitar and played a few songs and sang. Her voice is the most beautiful bluegrass sound. whoah! my friend J and S arrived and J brought his guitar. a guy named David came with his guitar (wish I remembered the name it was sort of like a slide guitar), his mandolin, and banjo. so we all ended up sitting around the room in a big circle listening to them all jam and play and taking turns, Trac sometimes on flute, the others whatever and sometimes we'd sing or just listen to the instruments. there were some nice old tunes from college that my bud J wrote and used to perform, I'll fly Away, Old rugged Cross, songs I didn't know by Missionary TImes and Carter Family.. etc.. and into the night til we'd all had enough and people had to be getting home. btw there were drinks being served in the kitchen so this wasn't exactly a vespers evening. but I have to say an Awesome time!

TOday we were up and just lazying around. I got over to my buddy Jeff's place ( he's the one with three kids ) and put some plants in his yard. he was busy at work most of this weekend long story installing new software the company was switching over systems or something. this afternoon I drove with S (she's the girl I grew up with here in OKC and her husband was a roomate of mine in college so I always stay with them in college, they also know my WHOLE story so we're all pretty close anyway!) she and I drove over to Prairie Grove AR for the CLothesline festival. which is basically a crafts/arts fair. It was all set up on the historic civil war battle ground of prairie grove. I have to say there were some of the best looking guys and gals walking around today, the guys were just plain clothes casually dressed in shape good ole guys you'd want to see. hmmmm. I got out of town by 430 and headed back home. stopping in Tulsa to buy some instant oatmeal with flax in in and then eating dinner at the buffet there. got home a while ago and am now CRASHING into the sack. I'm so glad this is a 4 day week! hope everyone had a great weekend. cheers

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Anonymous said...

wish i could remember who once said "you can't go home again." obviously, you continue to disprove that. glad you had a great holiday and safe trip.