Sunday, September 25, 2011

clean up

ok, lever 2000 is probably my soap of choice for your general bar of soap that gets you clean, and some of you guys probably work out and sweat up enough you need some solid strong deodorant soap, fine. I still think of my former hunky chunky supply nippled roomie and his old spice red zone body wash for a good soap after a work out, only because he left a small travel bottle in the shower so it reminds of that rat bastard ( did I ever mention he moved out without paying the last 3 months rent while I was overseas.... but damn he was hot to look at while we lived together... anway...)
For other shower conscious shoppers out there... I want to recommend Bee and Flower Sandal Wood Soap. I've noticed they sell this soap at whole foods for a dollar something, but check out a local asian grocery market. I buy mine for 39 cents a bar and usually just get a box full. the soap stays sudsy all the way to the sliver, and wont' leave ya feeling dry or filmy, just nice and clean and smelling nice but not too perfumed. if you like liquid soaps, go for a bottle of Bronner's, the purple colored is lavender, and it's a good clean smell. it's more earthy smelling than perfumey also. you can get a small or medium size if you're unsure or try a different scent. but beware of the mint. it smells wonderful and feels tingly but can sting a little in sensitive areas. ha a little bit goes a long way so it's worth the dollars. AND lastly --- if you're ever in Turkey, I recommend getting a few bars or the olive oil soap they sell there... it's interesting to shower up with and very smooth feeling as well. imagine yourself a Greek hunk cleaning up after a day on the fishing boat... I've just used up the ones I've been staggering out using since visiting Istanbul. ha

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Seabass said...

Too bad I'm a complete stranger, I could easily send you more than enough olive oil soap. I live on a Greek island and see that stuff everywhere. Never used it though even after seeing it a million times :)