Saturday, December 04, 2010

my place to my self

my DC buddy left Friday morning. wow what a busy last couple of weeks..this weekend also busy with some professional development at the college this morning (which they pay us for and also is rather interesting and goes by fast). I've already put some things learned from the last session into effect at my day job.
someone asked about was I lusting for the girl who stayed during thanksgiving weekend, no I wasn't. We were all very chummy while taking her out around OKC, but on the other hand, I wasn't lusting after the guy staying here all last week either. I'd have to say a woman or more likely a man has to exude a certain amount of sexiness in putting themselves out there for the taking. it's about the way they move, dress, look at you, etc.. that is going to draw me in. You ever wonder if you like being the hunter or the hunted?
Sure I can find the quick easy fast hook up, guys are SO EASY, standards drop as fast as pants to the floor if a guy is horned up enough or gone without for a certain amount of time... but I'm looking for something beyond that these days. a person who I meet and talk to and connect with enough to want to share my body with, the goods and all. Now the holidays are coming, so not to say I may just stumble across mr right now at any point, but I've been keeping up with my goals mentioned above so far so good. It' jsut that the school breaks usually bring lots of free time.. ha
I am really really really wondering lately about my motivation at the day job.. the kids dont' even act like they want to learn ENglish and I'm having a hard time not thinking some awful racist thoughts against illegal immigrants. as far as bringing the kids here, who join gangs, and never learn ENglsih etc etc... THat's not true, but enough kids sit and stare at you in class silently and you begin to become discouraged.
I pray a lot about it, because only one other force against me, and I belive GOd definitely has my back. :) I have to continue to set my goals high, walk in everyday ready to pour out some love, hope, encouragement, regardless of how much of brick wall I feel it's going up against some days. Because there are days where they laugh with me, and smile, and listen to what I'm saying in ENglish... and one never knows what makes them put up that brick wall, and what at home is breaking down all that hope. My goals lately are get them to see life as valuable, and THEIR life is valuable, and there is hope for some kind of future. I keep telling them it gets better, nothing to do with coming out, just it gets better than being a poor illegal immigrant with no future of college education or job in this country. I have to try to let them know that the only option is not the security of a street gang or getting pregnant. I don't mean that to sound awful, in reality half of my kids probably have lots of support at home from parents, but still a half who don't is a lot.
Christmas!! anyone getting stuff ready? I put some lights up outside the house, green and red. I found some pink and purple LED light online this week and am waiting to get them in the mail. couldn't find those different colors at the stores. today I hope to get some more like 100 white and 100 blue! I want to wrap a tree outside, sort of want to mimic the picture of Chesapeake trees, but in my case it will be each branch a different color. not each tree. ha
I have been stocking up on groceries, I plan to have some friends over for dinner while the house is all cleaned up from having company. :) I usually make the same thing, lasagna. all right Im up and off to training. enjoy your weekend

Friday, December 03, 2010

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

hunky michael....

let's all guess where he's vacation in these pics...........hmmmm

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

last weekend

things went really well last weekend, it was a blast having the ex in town to hang out with and show around the city. She will definitely always be a great friend. friend. friend. friend.
we had dinner at Chelino's one night, she really enjoyed meeting all my family again, it had been since college that she's been to my hometown.
We went to the mall on Friday, shopped around Target, and then later that night to my high school get together downtown which was awesome. small gathering of mainly 10 or more but so much fun to talk about who's doing what and who remembered random stuff. ha we left after about an hour to eat dinner at Republic gastropub. this was really awesome, she had a Fruili Strawberry lambic and I had the St bernadorf ale. yum. dinner also great. then we drove down western to see all the lighted trees around the chesapeake energy company complex.. very awesome. she loved it.
Saturday took a tour of the memorial museum, and actually ran into a couple we knew from college. ha. next we saw "Megamind" the movie which was really clever and sharp. dinner at Panera and home by 7pm to watch the aweseom OU Sooners play the OSU Cowboys. what a game! she left by 2pm Sunday after church and my bud from DC arrived around 330pm in time to go to the gym with me. he's in town until wed or THursday.. all right blog, all caught up. more thoughts later on the job and closet things etc etc...


Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

wknd shopping...

these are the two things I was looking at online this weekend. I may get the footstool/pillow thingy 'cause I like the cool texture, grey color, and just 'cause it's different. the hoodie I'm undecided until I hear back from Uniqlo.... still waiting. ugh.... but I like this one OP at Wal-mart, very basic and way low price.. .There's a comfort in buying something accessible to anyone from a local store... when it's just the right style, of course I'm still the same guy that wants to wear the shirt I bought in India that no one else could possibly have here. ha
A former OKC buddy who lives in DC just arrived and went to the gym with me, then we went to Sonic, now he's getting ready to meet up with former fraternity bros and I get to relax at home alone for the first time in 5 days. whoah. ha. actualy I'll be online some, flipping channels, and looking over what I'm doing in tomorrow's classes.... I'm ready to just coast through and thouroughly enjoy the next 3 weeks. my students better get ready becasue I will be doing serious planning and teaching so that work will go by smoothly enough I can get through it and enjoy all my other time for Christmas planning, shopping, fixing up the house, lights out, tree up etc.., making stuff, cookies for neighbors, etc. all that good stuff. bring it on! :) you reader tell me what you're looking forward to these next 3 weeks before the holidays....

seen skyline yet?

I sort of want to see the science fiction movie Skyline, but maybe I'll have to rent it. I saw Megamind this weekend with the ex and its a really fun movie. clever. anyway, this guy is in the movie Skyline so I didn't recognize the name and did a google search.. hmmmmmm. nice.