Saturday, November 06, 2010

Friday, November 05, 2010

long week..

had a really busy week, some people from the district ESL dept were visiting my classroom this week and now I have found myself a project team leader for a reconstruct of curriculum... anyway, blah
2 years ago when I got back from overseas, I had purchased some gemstones on the base from a referred shop. an opal, blue topaz and supposedly afghan rubies... anyway, so today I FINALLY took them to a jeweler to have them assessed and then to see about making them into Christmas gifts for my sisters and my mom. so anyway, that was fun to finally follow through with.... after no money for doing so last year. ha
I got a new show to watch on Wednesday nights. BURN NOTICE, ahh yeah! little hunky guy on there running around in his nice tight penguin shirt.... although sometimes I catch a rerun of "In the Heat of the Night" and although Caroll O'conners accent is really awful trying to watch that show. I kind of like the sort of Elvis looking big hunky cop on there with the chest hair showing under his shirt... mph.
Friday night I got to catch up with my OKC buddy S. and then we went and saw a friend perform at a coffee house. enjoy your weekend, I"m going to go turn up the heat just now. :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Monday, November 01, 2010


well I finally gave into the chilling cold and turned on the heat this weekend. I just wanted to wake up Saturday morning to a house not completely cold cold cold. but I only have it set on 60 just now. did everyone survive the Halloween weekend all right, parties and crazy costumes perhaps? My okc bud went down to ft lauderdale for the weekend. woot woot. I'd have been tempted to take the trip but I'd just had my AUstin trip the week before. I had a married college bud call me up Saturday to come over, and we were cooking out in the front yard while tricker treaters came by. quite a bit of fun, that and watching the OU game on tv through the front window. ha
Was supposed to go to a big halloween party SUnday night at a highschool buddy's place but I didn't feel like it. Just rather stay home and rest up and get papers graded and everything ready for Monday etc.. I did put a nice little creepy photo up on facebook though.
survived my busy monday of school and night class. In case you hadn't seen this story about the mountain climber who fell to his death last Thursday, here's a link to the blog climbtibet. where you can read the final post from his wife. very touching....
Enjoyed the sermon in church this last Sunday, the pastor made a point about something Jerry Falwell jr. said to Glen Beck about them working together for the cause of politics and "worrying about theology differences later" or something along those lines. It was a great sermon with the point that of course spreading the gospel comes before playing politics. I don't have my notes with me or I'd try to be more clear.
anyway. I wore my new shirt from American Apparel today. it's a very comfortable short sleeve cotton button up, the sort of dark navy/is it black color... fyi, the prices at the outlet store for american apparl in Cedar Park north of Austin were the same as the store on Congress. ha