Saturday, October 09, 2010

AR weekend

college homecoming this weekend, but you know what, on the drive up here yesterday I decided that I'm not really interested in coming too much in the future for this. something about facebook keeps me in touch with my real college friends and also keeps people from showing up at homecoming anyway. I jsut like driving up to visit the friends I have in town here. I will go to the soccer game today just to see who shows up and always fun to run into people etc.
I stopped in Tulsa for dinner since I was driving through around 6 and feeling hungry. and what was my destination when I turned of the highway? WHole Foods. ha ha, I swear I'm not "fresa" or anything. I just like that store, I used to go to the huge downtown Austin store when my friend there lived down the street. the buffet! yum. well the store in TUlsa is a lot smaller but still nice buffet. although I just had a slice of pizza and a salad that I loaded up on a plate. mmm
finished it off with a few cake balls to eat in the car once I got back on the road.
last night my ex gf and i walked around downtown to a coffee shop and got into a conversation with the two guys working there who graduated from same college recently, and we discussed how they both wanted work in the "mission field" one various countries, and one to Indonesia. which coincidentally was where my ex gf grew up for 5 years of her childhood (she's an "MK", missionary kid). we walked back to the friends' house I'm staying with and talked the rest of the night.
I told my friends I'm staying with, a married couple (an ex-roomy and girl I grew up with back home that know my "sit."), how I'm not exactly sure she's "the one" or one I want to marry. I told them I haven't been active with dudes at all lately and not even looking for action, although I'm still not sure what I want and willing to meet anybody at this point, the right guy or girl. they told me to not just "settle" regardless. which makes sense. But I sure would like to express myself and share this monster with someone else than just my hand. blah actually it's not even the sex thing, I got a lot of love, attention, and care to give, not to mention there are some times I could really use some, of course. ha
excellent wonderful fall weekend across the states this weekend. hope you're able to get outside and enjoy...

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

so hot deserves its own post!

you like? which ones together? which one has before??? hmm

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Monday, October 04, 2010

from an art auction in LA....

Stan Bitters "Medallion" 1969, John Outterbridge "Strange Fruit" 1969

John Outterbridge "Time for New Direction" 1969

to anonymous about the shoes...

the company no longer exists. feel free to email me at my gmail address, daninokc, and I can tell you the exact site I got the shoes. also btw they were about $64. I'm just obsessed enough with the shoes that I'm not comfortable posting the website until I purchase all the ones in my size that I want. terribly stupid I know, but also my choice. I hope you don't mind emailing. just got back from teaching the night class. great night and lots of activities. although a bit boring topic tonight citing sources in MLA style. blah. I can get a little OCD about the specifics if I don't watch myself. Tonight I was talking about translators and how it's not always done word for word. and I brought up the point that I have a pet peeve about the show "ghost whisperer" which I NEVER watch, but sometimes just NOTHING else on tv and yes, I have. but anyway, it bugs me how she never just says the same words the ghost says... anyway, my point was that they have to paraphrase their sources in the papers and not just always quote word for word, etc...great NPR program tonight about a jounalist who has lived and travelled many times in Afgghannistan. I'm jsut listening in awe and interest, having been to the country and even to the exact museum he spoke of that was looted by the taliban etc. speaking of museums, next post is ART TIME.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

hats off to you...

weekend a success....

I guess I'm officially past the higher stress levels from having a new job. this weekend was great and relaxing and I'm ready to get back to work tomorrow for another great week. I decided last Thursday that I love my job. I really do, that plus the college classes are really going to keep me going. I live sort of from break to break in my mind, so I think of things like ok just one month until fall break, then a month until Thanksgiving break, and then a month til, well you get the picture. the worst part is after December there are no extra long weekends until Spring break... ha, but yeah I'm just going to have to keep my energy up at work as far as classroom management is concerned, that's where the most WORK or STRESS will come from my teaching day more or less. that and considering ways of keeping their sluggish minds interested and engaged and hopefully even LEARNING something. I've decided that overall, I am happy with a bunch of ESL kids 'cause in the regular classroom you get a lot of DRAMA and ISSUES. I mean sure a lot of my kids probably have all sorts of problems and trials in their home life, but none of them (so far) have been acting out at school with a bunch of drama. Even the whole pandillo attitude keeps them playing it "cool", and when I can them to laugh or smile accidentally well those are golden moments, silent little victories as I just keep teaching on as if not even noticing.
SO this weekend. Friday night cooled off and i was in the back room playing a bit of piano with the door open with a cool breeze coming in, cursing my lethargic fingers out of practice from hitting all the notes in the rhythm I wanted them to move. ugh. then my allergies kicked in and I shut the door and got on the computer for a while. I got an email from a former "bud" in OKC saying how in the mood he was and wanted to come over etc..This guy I know from the gym from a few years back but we only messed around a few times a about a year ago when he was single. so I don' tknow if he's sinlge or what now but he's this tall dark haired guy, sort of really blue collar masc looking and really quiet and serious, i.e. all MAN.....whew.... but I got the email right before my best buddy in AR called and we talked for about an hour. I had taken a Drixoral for my allergies and it had me talking on the phone non stop. Saturday went to home depot for some paint samples for a kitchen project (I'm putting vertical stripes on the wall, more on that later) and some peat humus, pine bark mulch, and variou compost materials to amend some beds outside.
got a great work out digging up bermuda grass and then moving the dirt back and forth and mixing in stuff. Saturday night went to the Manhattan Short FIlm Festival playing at the art museum downtown. Was interesting as usual and I voted for the film from Croatia, it was EXCELLENT. today was church with the family, then to the folks for some roast beef for lunch and borrowed my dad's scanner to scan some slides I found from highschool. I used to help give the slide shows, so I posted 'em on facebook tonight and tagged about 25 people.
lows in 40s tonight and high in 70's tomorrow. goin to sleep cozy tonight!