Friday, September 17, 2010

lean on me buddy...

hello again..

yup busy week, it's not so much that I'm busy with the new job, or the in bed by 10pm so I can get to work by 7am... nope, it's more to do with the fact that the neighbor's internet signal is WEAKENING....crash thunder bam sound effect here. Yup, Dan will probably have to get his own internet connection soon. now to decide the most frugal set up, cox cable or through my landline phone ATT....hmm
in a nutshell, for those who check the posts and keep up with such, MOnday was crazy, I went to work and was told that my classes would be gaining new students to make up for the level three classes that were too big. This stressed me out because it's tough enough teaching different levels of ENglish in my level two class without having a bunch of advanced threes in there getting bored with easy stuff...gym next, and then rushed off to the night class which returned me to sanity.. love teaching college classes with all the mixed ages of freshmen-adults. NO big and tall dude this week, I definitely will have to keep myself motivated to get out of class ON TIME from here on out. Tuesday worked again, still no air in the building, but I'm ok...after school Tuesday I had to get to the doctor's office for a health checkup for work, got there at 310. walked into the little patient room by 320, nurse leaves by 325 after asking some questions etc.. and then I stay in there for 50 minutes by myself until the doctor comes in at 415. oh man!
he's with me for about 7-10 minutes and then the nurse come back in and gives me a shot in my arm, I mention how I thought a TB shot would go into my skin, and she says, Oh I thought the Dr. said a Tetanus shot, then she leaves to get the TB shot... Ugh.. oh well nothing bad about an extra tetanus shot...went to a gas station on the way home around 440 and my card wouldn't work, so I hit cancel a few times and drive over to another one across the street.
so guess what, Thursday I am checking online to see my new paycheck that came on Wed. woot woot. and I notice the first gas station had charged me $60 at around 8pm...strange because I had bought gas for $38 at 438pm and gone home... UGH called the bank, cancelled my debit card that was my week in a nutshell. principal told me today that he's coming to observe next week and I need to have a pre observation meeting.
so weekend is HERE! READY! less internet has meant LESS LESS porn, which really hasn't been all that bad either. ha will get some more pics up pronto!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

weak end

nothing much to post. I'm still here in OKC and thrilled and happy to have a job, plus the two classes at the community college. I am settling into the new job just fine. I only wish that I had A/C in the room, and this week I should be given a login for my emails at work and access to the copy machine. man has that been paralyzing. Good thing I'm pretty easy going, adaptable, good natured, and eternally optimistic. whoah... I've been grading papers all day and enjoying the cloudy rainy weather that blew through today.
not too much in store this week. class tomorrow night, so maybe I can run into the tall boy again, just for fun.
I'm going to sleep well and back to work tomorrow. more posts coming. ;)