Saturday, September 04, 2010

3 day weekend...

good weekend to everyone, I'm working most of mine but also a lot of relaxing and outside work. all good. the water park finally closes after this weekend. I work closing shift tonight and the open the next two days which means out by 12ish so no big deal. Of course knowing I'm employed now with monthly paychecks, my brain has already checked out at the summer job. ha
went to home depot after lunch today before work. really big nice guy there helped me find the tile board (what I want to put up in class as a dry erase board), and then also where the magnetic paint was (decided no on the paint). while there I checked out cabinets and tiles and pedestal sinks, all in good time though, I don't want to have my new steady paychecks spent before I get them! ha plus this man has to save up for travel travel travel. (insert soundbite from the song "release me" here).
I hung out the flag this morning and this evening after work I'll put the red, white, and blue buntings out on the front porch. for a more exciting post on labor day weekend go back 5 years to the weekend after Katrina when I was in AUstin and all the gay boys came there instead of NO. WHOAH now that was some weekend. :P....
last night went out with some (gay) buds in town to an outdoor concert going on at Louie's near lake Hefner, was some great people watching, although I was home by 1030 and watching Dr Who on PBS before bed. we had been talking about Big Brother, anyone watching? Obviously Brendon was a real favorite and missed. but what a dopey wimpy guy when it comes to Rachel. ugh! my favorite now is Lane Lane Lane and Britny too of course.
Also anyone have a suggestion on Laminate/Formica vs Corian for countertops? just thought I'd throw it out there.
now go get outside, shirts off, and enjoy your weekend. hopefully there's some reader out on a boat on some lake somewhere. that's where I'd rather be any weekend. :)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

pin me...aka wrestler bulge


nice storm blew through here tonight. ... if only there'd been someone to sit on the porch with or hold onto while the wind gusts flew all around, branches whipping back and forth, leaves rustling, and clouds zipping by overhead. today was supposed to be back day but I wasn't feeling it much, just did a few sets and headed back home for some peanut butter jelly sandwich action.. my staple food after the gym.
work is crazy but I'm all over it. ha I am really going to enjoy the 3 day weekend a shorter work week next week, until I get air in my building and don't have to teach in the cafeteria... I went by the college today for some office work and grading stuff in my online class. I got an email from the dept head just sort of asking how my new job was going and was wanting to hear about it. I'm excited that I'm still on my boss's mind! ha now if only a position will come up again at the college. goodbye gangster land ESL class. of course by the end of the year I'm sure I'll be loving each kid in my class, but it just breaks the heart knowing they have no parental support and no hopes for dreams for any better life or opportunity as most are probably illegal immigrants...the girls with piercings in their cheeks or bottom lips and whereever else on the face are the most frightening. but seriously, you notice the response of the kids, beyond the great disconnect of student/teacher and teen/'ll notice the kids who respons to the attention and care they receive from an adult, and if you provide some strict discipline in class and run a tight enough ship they get a sense of stability they may never have at home, and then if you can get them to see you actually care and only hope the best then your halfway there to making some sort of difference. Of course it seems the whole world they live in is againt any of that. but I remain with hope, it's what I was up against constantly in Afhganistan, the lack of any hope of any type of future with my students, and these were men with families and no idea what lies ahead for their future etc etc etc.. bring on the 3 day weekend!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

beautiful bromance...

que dia! x2

Monday morning my alarm went off an hour late, I'd set it wrong the night before...ugh. jumped out of bad, quick shave, my clothes were set out the night before thank goodness, threw them on and threw down a bowl of cereal and was in the car in about 15 miraculous minutes... still no AC in my building at school so I'm using the cafeteria for now, no prob. I just tape up a big sheet of paper and use markers...after school, gym downtown, my old haunt. I'm not even going there for leg day anymore. great chest workout, and a big tall huge chested and calved black guy on the gym floor. I think his tshirt said OKPD, hmmmm policeman maybe...hmmm. finish my workout and am drying off from my shower in front of a mirror (I like to use a blowdryer sometimes) and he walks by in his towel... gasp, so by the time I'm dressed, he's walking back in wet towell. fine fine bulge! oh man, just when I though guys weren't really turning my head anymore cause I've seen it all. ha well it gets better....
I dash off to make to the community college where I have office hours an hour before my class starts at 530. teach class etc... after class. WHOAH. huge tall 6;3 or 4 college student from a Spanish class down the hall is outside my class, his prof is asking my how to use the copy machine. this tall guy had the most beautiful grinning eyes when staring right at me. big broad shoulders,arms,legs, big hands (!), and so I start speaking spanish to him and the prof, being freindly... and help them get copies in the office, and am noticing he's sort of looking my way now and then as everything is getting situated and I'm putting stuff in my file cabinet from class etc.. I end up walking out behind him crushing a little. ha. and by the time we get halfway down the sidewalk to the parking lot I start up a conversation.. so where'd you learn your spanish, I say in Spanish... we talk some and he has a very gringo accent, something about 4 years in highschool and 7 days in Guatamal on a mission trip ... we stand and practice a bit more and then. thats it... I hadn't the balls to introduce myself, get a name, shake those big hands, etc.. nope just a "well good luck in your class" turn and leave... ha ha. I didn't want to be some creepy prof cruising on the students after all. but this guy. OH MY, I defnintley want to catch him at the same time some Monday jsut to talk some more and grin and smile some more... ha ha. ok pathetic... plus he's probably a good ole Christian boy nonetheless... sigh.
ha ha, ok now for today...get up and get to work on time, and find out tonight was open house night. ughhh.. after school I dash to the bank and get a ticket for out of date tag... strange, I drive to a tag agency and find out I HAD renewed it, so the sticker must have been stolen. go to the courthouse downtown okc to show the receipt ($13 for replacement sticker) and they cannot null the fine only reduce $50 to $30, unless I want to go to court and ask the judge to waive the fee... sigh, I jsut paid the $30. Open house was pretty good, met about 4 sets of parents and/or more Spanish practice for me..tomorrow is volunteer tutor time after school then home to CRASH! ha. Labor Day weekend can't come soon enough...
On a more serious note, a friend was released from captivity in Sudan on Monday. All our mutual friends on facebook had been praying for the release, especially last week when it was the 100th day. my exgf fasted all day. I had also prayed for her family. well anyway, the Release yesterday was exciting news. I was going to mention it in passing to my college class last night and I almost cracked my voice like was going to cry when I did. whew that was close. but news liek that is so much more real and close to home when it's someone you know.. still really thankful for that. I'm posting some crazy shoe options soon. also more pics coming soon of course. cheers! btw rugbysx, email me about your trip, how'd it go etc...?
joeblow, yes I LOVED getting in front of my college class Monday night after teaching esl all day. really fulfilling just to know what I'm talking about and them listening to it, but as I deliver from the book I can keep a sense of humor and hopefully keep it interesting for the class...etc.