Friday, August 20, 2010

job update. blah

good first two days. no airconditioning in my building and a few fans in a room with no windows was pretty bad situation, but I'm still so happy just to have a full time job. ha also the school is still figuring out the schedules of the students' classes so most of my classes will be different mixes of students come Monday. I am up for a challenging year, had all my ducks in a row in my mind today for a confrontation that needed to take place with a guy in my class, this guy who kept cutting in jokes and responding to me disrespectfully in Spanish. So by 6th hour I'm ready to have a little student conference in the hall and "nip in the bud"... and then of course he's not in class today 5th hour so I can still look forward to that Monday. Another challenge is all of these kids are not really motivated to produce English at all. I think I'll focus on mainly book and paper work next week until they are comfortable enough to try speech in class, instead of "I don't know" or shoulder shrugs. I am sort of looking forward to getting the air fixed so I'll have more of my usual energy to get the class going. not sitting there dripping sweat explaining class rules, the book we'll be using, schedule changes, etc etc... blah man am I glad it's the weekend.

I signed the contract today and will be getting a required physical scheduled soon once my insurance kicks in. plan to keep cool at home this weekend and rest up for the full 5 days of classes next week. begin the school year and count down to fall break. ha
got a Fb message from my bud in Sudan. He wrote- "dan. went to a party of UN types in Khartoum. Interesting crowd. Confident and knowledgable people. I hope you are able to interact with similar in OK." he knows me well.
have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

camera tag

if you've been taking any photos and posting online with your gps equipped cell-phone... well you may be giving up your location with the photo. Read this article "Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live" if interested. my blogger Dallas buddy Speedy shared this with me, he's such a genius and avid reader of the New York Times, you know.
It does seem rather interesting, you know just think all the people out there uploading photos online, twitter or a craigslst ad, say.... and then people able to somehow find the location tagged into the file somewhere. anyway if interested check out the link. and thake the self nude pics at the hotel only please, sirs! ha

Sunday, August 15, 2010

more military support....

dear nate...

hey, I definitely do see all comments and have really enjoyed reading yours. I think it's awesome that I can put myself out there on a blog and find people who can relate or find themselves in a similar situation... very cool. I have been doing "both" for quite some many years(when you said you are gay AND a Christian). ------ only that I haven't really sought out a bf or husband or anything like that, so obviously that's the whole stuck in the middle thing for me. I guess I haven't really pursued full fledged gaydom, whatever that is, because of what I like and don't like to do with guys. Also the understanding I have that what I really seem to what is a sort of acceptance or attention from some macho type guys that I can get sexually when I really just want in mentally/emotionally. if that makes sense, the whoel intimacy issue that guys have commented about on there before etc..
I hadn't really answered your question about the girl yet because I hadn't really made a decision if I should pursue that direction or not.. although I've definitely been considering it a lot lately. I watch straight porn and gay porn and the gay porn is usually oral stuff or guys stroking solo. the straight porn is guys and girls having sex missionary position. I'm not sure where that puts me in wanting to have sex with a woman only the rest of my life, but I know versus no sex now it couldn't be all that bad. anyway I also hadn't responded yet because I wasn't going to really blog about it because I'm pretty the sure most repsonse on here would be forget even considering doing that. ha I would liek to say, yes my ex gf knows everything about how I've been living, she has gay friends, she knows exactly what I've done and haven't done. we've discussed why I feel this way one or another. We've discussed the issues of her and her ex husband with sex and something that happened to her at age 5 etc etc... I've discussed it with her best friend, a girl I grew up in church with here in OKC and she is all for it, and thinks we could work it all out etc etc saying that my ex gf is still competely hot for me like she was in college. all that... but I'm not really going to blog much about it because right now I have my new job on my mind more than anything, a trip to Austin fall break to see my gay buddy there (will also test out his feelings on the deal), and so a trip to AR is not really planned until homecoming weekend sometime in october. oh wait maybe that is before fall break. ha well that's the where things lie with the whole marry a girl issue. Believe me I remain right in the middle of the whole gay/bi figure it out deal.... I am only throwing it into the bowl of options. right now I'm ok with a few pics online now and then and getting my life back in order and stable with some fulltime pay and benefits again. readers, do keep the comments and questions coming, and I'll try to get more response and discussion going. otherwise, forget the discussions and just keep enjoying the pics! :)
ps. no we've never had sex before