Saturday, July 03, 2010

cam pics...

of course the hottest one is the faceless. and let me tell ya it's from a blog reader who I know face matches the hot bod.
daninokc email on the right for anyone wanting to send pics. ;)

you enjoying the weekend?

Hope everyons is haveing a great 4th weekend. mine was pretty busy. last night went to the "art walk" that they have every first Friday of the month at the Paseo district here in OKC. basically it's a pretty cool little old time neighborhood north of downtown where all these shops have been turned into art galleries. so a lot of people walking around in and out of them etc people watching and all that. we ate at a pizza place where it's by the slice and it was GOOD.
I ran into this guy who used to be a regular "bud" and smiled and said hello etc.. ha ha. he was out with his bf and some other guys. today I went out west of OKC for a little landscape consulting job, and then work. rained all day but that didn't keep people from coming to the water park, after all lines are SHORT if any. ha I like working weekend 'cause you see more families and older guys out there shirtless and ripped! ahh yeah
tonight had a cook out at my sis's with ALL the family meaning plenty neice and nephews and their spouses and dates and food etc.. tonight just wondering when next week I'll get to have a meal with the hot Irish male nurse who called last week. I've been looking forward to a date with a dude where I keep my pants on. ;)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Different Kind of Christian Demonstration at Gay Pride

I thought THIS ARTICLE was pretty cool. maybe Justin saw this at the Chicago gay pride? I really like the idea of a group of Christians getting it and standing up for their faith, which as I see it is about LOVE not HATE. anyway, check it out.
and from the last post's comment, no I'm not a trainer. just a man keeping in shape at the gym because I'm aware of being very single. I know this sounds bad, but I'd LOVE to fall in love with someone and not worry about the gym any more, other than cardio, ya know?? ha ha

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

he was back today...

the guy I call the Rock at my gym was back working out today... I only mention this because he's been working a night shift for a while and I haven't run into the guy in about a month maybe...hmm. anyway we had some convo about his hail damaged car being replaced blah blah. brand new 4 door charger all souped up... I just love to catch a glimpse of that guy while I'm working out and looking like I'm ignoring everyone. ha nah, actually there are a lot of the same guys every day so we usally nod hello or hey etc...leg day today, but I am not doing too much heavy lifting, I'm the ectomorphic sort so I stick to machines and cardio etc.. I am feeling pretty good at 6'1 170 and the weight is on in a good way and less around the waist.... I'm on my 3rd week of early morning swim. another at work security brought in two guys who were caught stealing beers from a cooler in one of the eating places on the park.. I had some ideas about those guys trying to get out of it with security, what with them in nothing but bathing suits and their bare twinkie bodies and all. another summer day in OKC...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

back at it...

got a morning swim in today, and then before dinner chest day at gym, a bit crowde up there though but a good summer crowd, meaning a younger group of guys moving from this machine or that etc.. I have developed a habit of watching "holmes on homes" on one of the tv's in front of the running machines when I"m up at the gym lately. ha . I'm almost able to do pull-ups again. for anyone who remembers when my should started messing up. I think the swimming is helping get it back from whatever was strained or pulled. i dunno
the weekend was awesome, saw the Cruise/Diaz movie with my OKC bud and his closet friend/ former hook up. the three of us had a great time at dinner and then the movie was not super shockingly new, but well made and keeps your attention throughout although, yes, formulaic, is it THe FUgitve? Bourne Identity? MR and Mrs. Smith? etc....
I have confirmed with my boss at the college 3 classes for next fall. possibility of one more coming up by August, let's hope so. One of my fall classes is going to be online, so that should be new and interesting....
I like to try and keep this blog prety upbeat usually but tonight I wanted to write about how it sucks being single sometimes. for example, the other day I took a nice shower after a busy hot day working and coming home and watering outside. I soaped up real nice, shampooed. I am the kind of guy who's pretty happy using any shampoo at all, however right now I have a bottle of Aveda black malva cause I splurged on a trip somwhere and got it (for soap I like Dr. Bronner's liquid soap, and then I keep a supply of cheap bar soap from the Vietnamese grocery store called Bee & Flower Sandalwood Soap. it's awesome)... well anyway, And I dont' know if anyone else does this, but I like to put some of the extra lather from the shampoo on the hair on my arms someetimes. anyway, I went to bed thinking, man I wish someone were here to tell me how soft and nice my arm hair smells tonight.... alas.
this is "Hanah" by Freelance Whales. I forget if I already posted it...

Sunday, June 27, 2010