Saturday, May 08, 2010

summer's coming....could get rough

weekend springing forth..

I saw this guy at the gym today who I met aobut ten years ago when I first got back from teaching in Central America. He is the type of guy you may or may not have come across by now online who likes to wrestle... THat guy was like a salesman the way he tried to convince me to wrestle him regardless of outweighing me or ever having been a wrestler! dude had a mat in his garage and everything. se la vie... needless to say I had a good time talking to him about the whole deal, and left with a handshake and goodbye. ha... he's run into me over the years online and always asks the same question, do I wrestle. .. anyway, he's a lot older now and although still in shape, he just sort of grins if I run into him on the gym floor or something. I guess he's still closeted of sorts I dunno. whenever I met another guy into wrestling around online, I'd try to hook him up with this other guy.. ha, yeah I"m too nice like that.
I'm grading through my essays that are all due back to the students on Monday. I'm about halfway done and should get the other half done by tomorrow night. this will be my last week at school , until summer classes start June 7th. I'll be trying to wrap it all up the best I can, papers back and quiz on Monday, in class final essay on Wednesday, and then film clips from "Helvetica" on Friday. the last chapter is about graphic design, so it's a fun way to end the class.
I bought this album on Itunes today, the group Freelance Whales, album titled "Weathervane"

sort of like postal service redux

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

shorts or pants

I need to comment on this pic and mainly the guy on the right. Is he wearing shorts of pants? or did the two guys trade or what, I mean I like the tight shorts on the guy on left and all, but he's got the long legs for whatever the short guy is wearing. and then the long-waisted short guy would probably look really hot in something shorter, where you can see his knees. ok now's the time to say, I'm fascinated somewhat by the male pedal pusher look. I'm not sure what term to use, but it's definitley hit OKC at my school , a year behind NYC but that's usual. I'm seeing pants, long shorts, jeans whatever with the legs cut off and rolled up. It sort of amazes me how in style that is. I guess I have a hard time thinking of how gay it looks from when I grew up avoiding all things gay. ha My usual mantra on this issue is the only guy who should wear pants above his ankle is either younger than age ten, or he is a fisherman on a beach somewhere in the caribean where his job involves a lot of wading. ha ha. anyway, that's my fashion rule, but alas the trend is here! now the really funny thing is to see the guys balance getting the length below the knees just right correlating to the sag of the waistband just below the waist. go men, work out them calves and fashion forward!!!

heard any Lykke Li lately?....

and here's a video of "I'm Good, I'm Gone" that I can't embed. if you like her sound go to youtube and check it out.

cinco of May....

hello rugbyguy, welcome to the blog and thanks for the comments. Yes I do attempt Rhapsody in Blue quite a bit, but I can't really play it straight through, I just like the fun parts, and some of the fingering in between I will slip over at times, or maybe maybe maybe on a rainy day nothing else to do just maybe try and slow it down and actually play through. What' really been fun lately to attempt is Chopin Ballades. between that and my Gershwin book I have a lot of fun pounding away during my break between classes. THere's a Gershwin waltz in 2 keys, or something like that , also fun to try. anyway...welcome again. btw, hope you get to feeling better soon , dang I can't even imagine the patience you must have at this point. hang in there!
I'm still waiting to see if there will be a faculty opening since a prof in the English dept retired last week... I'm praying about it now, just going to cover all my bases and be prepared to end up just where I'm meant to serve best. that's my outlook anyway.
I was at the gym today doing legs. blah, mine just don't grow much, something about me being ectomorhic according to one trainer.ha yesterday at the gym I couldn't keep focused due to a show on one of the t.v.s about buying foriegn house hunting. and this couple was looking at these apartments in paris. man I started daydreaming about all the sort of things I'd do if I owned a extra place overseas in Paris. the prices were from 345 to 466k. so I began to think, no, school teachers don't live that sort of life... but hey fun to dream! one of my students told me he got his 400 page book signed with a publisher. wow, I didn't know I had a serious author in the bunch. very cool. another student told me today all about how I could redo my floors in my house, he works at a Lowes here in okc in the flooring dept. so another dream is get bamboo flooring someday....alas.
Any gay guy out there who DOESN'T like Glee tv show?? it's been a lot of fun watching that show with all the 80's songs and clever one liners. I"m glad there is a lot less dopey drama from episode to episode like last season. and lot's of songs. The thing I like about shows like Glee or AMerican Idol is how they cover different songs. I like to think it's a taste of the 40' and 50's when the song itself was a hit and sung by different performers as great music, and not just a song for one performer. anyway, I like the way America is actually watching these shows about the performance, not just some star performing there usual hit. hopefully that makes sense.
I was reading about how the US is moving a base from Okinawa to Guam by 2014. and so business is really picking up on the island due to what's expected from the move. I began to think, man I'd love to live in Guam. and then I started dreaming about meeting a girl there and having kids and visting home, and how the first time I put my baby in my mom's hands how proud she'd be of me etc etc.. anyway, imagining stuff like that always gets me close to tearing up so I don't think about it that much. the Lord knows how much I'd like to be a father, and how I see no point in growing older without childrem to pass some part of yourself onto, including your experience, wisdom, outlook, optimism, etc etc... well maybe I"ll spend my first million on the Paris apt and adoption. there we go. one more thing, I got an invitation to a high school friend's "Union Ceremony"... yup, she's a lesbian. we've been "out" to each other for years and years, I just think it's cool she is finally "settling down" with the same gf she's had for many years anyway. I haven't decided how I feel about going yet. It's like facebook really, where does she rate on whether I go to a "wedding" or not. I mean regardless of the gay thing. some people from high school I keep more in touch with is all. and usually I dont' go to weddings 'cause I have the excuse that I"m a guy and we dont' go to weddings. ha ha. j/k

Monday, May 03, 2010


today was chest day and this one guy always there is on my mind tonight, we've progressed to a greet when entering the gym floor basis, and I make a purposeful effort not to look in his direction at all, but every now and then I take a glance... mmm

Sunday, May 02, 2010

wknd wndrfl

man I jsut got finished playing Gershwin's "AMerican in Paris" piano solo. nothing like pounding on the keys for some stress relief especially when nothing is on tv. the sad thing I noticed how my upright honkeytonk old piano is a LOT different than the ones I've been practicing on at the college, alas. I worked out back today at the gym and was a completely different set of guys up there today. I don't usually go on SUndays, but I missed yesterday and am trying to stick to my 6 day plan like when I used to work out 6 days a week on base overseas, of course then I had nothing nothing nothing else to do. ha ha.
I was noticing this guy at the gym with tattoos on his arms, and it made me think about how sometimes I wonder if guys are gay if they have too many tattoos on their arms and stuff. I know it sounds weird but I consider the scenario of the guy overcompensating macho with the tattoo, but then I decided that's a lot of bunk because some guys just get the tattoo for the look, machismo or no, can't be any different than buying that big four wheel truck or getting a big boom bass in the car. I have some friends in Central America on my mind tonight, teaching there for 3 years remains the highlight of my life. I'm still amazed that I'm able to stay in touch with some of my student via facebook and email. ahh the glory of modern technics.

hangin with buds all weekend...