Friday, April 30, 2010


I had both my liberal and conservative students agreeing today on this language thing, it's funny how very many would vote for these laws, but our representatives on either side never seem willing, perhaps based on keeping the population group's votes. Whether for or against, I appreciate issues like this being brought up and getting the discussion out there. I like the way this guy has an unapologetic southern accent, says we speak English point blank, and the way he's charging at the camera in one scene. ha
Of course we were discussing the whole Arizona bill today about asking for i.d. papers of suspected illegal immigrants, and the difficulty of an American citizen who's latino not feeling harrassed and what a complex issue the whole thing is, although again every one of my non-Mexican students were all for anti-illegal immigration, but either side just doesn't really seem to know what that means, reform what??
From OKlahoma, there is a legislator trying to make it impossible for illegal immigrants to aquire a birth certificate when having a baby in Oklahoma, aricle here. I'm not completelyl sure if that would even be legal though under our nation's constitution.... any constructive thoughts?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wednesday and summer's a coming

on my porch getting ready to watch simpsons, watching some lawn boy mow the yard next door. leg day today downtown. yesterday's interview went really well. they said I'd be contacted after a couple weeks. I had that interview at 730 am and then went to sub at the middle school afterwards across town. busy day. anyone watch amerc. idol? good show last night, I voted for Lee and Siahbon, who are you voting for? I also watched Glee. I read something online today that gave the episode a bad review saying it wasn't the best. but I have to say I thought it was ONE of the best so far... a lot of torch songs, sure, and maybe because I'm just a big Kristen chenowith fan (fellow Okie, ya know) but I liked all the hilarious dialogue, one-liners and music. really well written without all the stupid soap opera drama that's in the usual episode. although I will have to say, they are walking a thin line with the gay character cruizing in on the straight boy and then fixing up his mom with the guy's dad and all that. a bit too complex if you ask me, and I'd just like to see the gay character deal with everything and not be stereotyped too much as a drama queen I guess. dunno. It's also strange how down to earth the dad is all of a sudden when the firs episode's had the gay character pegged as having some uber rich dad. anyway! blah, enough about that, but I got to say one more thing. i COMPLETELY predicted the "beautiful" song when the black chick was talking to the blond chick in the nurse's office and calling her beautiful, I thought to myself, wow this would be a perfect time use the song "beautiful" by pink, and then I thought nah that's too recent a song, isn't it. nope, there it was next few scenes.....all good though.
man I'm hungry. I'll get some pics up later on.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

strike a pose bad boy...

april sunday

man I'm all sun burned farmers tan and my face. was downtown at the marathon all morning. this was the tenth anniversary for the Memorial Marathon. This year was the 15th anniversay for the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah building. anyway, so had an excellent day doing all that and then coming home for some nice outdoors time, chainsawed a limb off a tree in the front yard then spent forever saw all the branches down and loading 'em up in my pickup then back around to the back where I have a pile going to take to the city dump eventually this spring. walked over and met the neighbors across the street. a young couple and the guy practices with a band every now and then in his garage. I was in Norman last night to watch a short film premiere of a friend of a friend. We also walkd up and down mainstreet. tons of people gathering down there for the Norman Music Festival. but we went and ate at Chelino's then back to OKC. I'm ready for a nice sunny spring week, my students will be revising all week for a paper due next Monday, our last!!! yippee. just a few weeks left, and after they turn in the last on, I'm free to show films like "beautiful losers" and "helvetica" and have some fun in class to end it all.