Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010


my house faces east, and I'm out here on the porch swing looking south and the wind is blowing and the sun is shinging and little maple helicoptor seeds are flying by and it's pretty close to perfect as you want to get. ahhhhh. got the laptop in my lap and somw itunes going and just taking a little breather to sit and check emails, blogs, myself, stocks are up! , and relax and play in the yard a bit (spreading some milorginate around the beds) before getting downtown to the gym before my volunteer shift begins. I got a message from a friend (male nurse buddy for longtime readers) and he possibly has an extra austin city limits ticket. how SHWEET would that be, here's hoping to whoever's ticket it is now can't go! ha. I'm looking forward to being employed fulltime again next fall with money to travel and spend again.It felt really good getting back from classes this afternoon and stripping down and throwing on my sanuks, shorts and a tshirt..although I'll have to put on some khaki's and my volunteer tshirt for tonight. The memorial marathon is this Sunday so I'm working a booth at the runner's convention. and with that plus the NBA stuff and arts festival downtown, should be people all over tonight.

wknd !

not sure if anyone caught the project runway last night. but it was a pretty good season overal. I say either emilio or Seth could have one, it was obvious seth would win, because of the obvious editing of the show building up what the people at the show and the judges were saying about emilio... blah. and they got some catty drama with the after show reunion. I could really really do without the model bull crap, I never watched the extra model show, and PR should really just leave the model crap stuff to the supermodel show etc... I like to just watch the design part and I could also care less what any model has to say about the designers or design, not their job.
so Jay really did himself in on national tv, i felt only a witty bitty little sorry for him for the lashing out personal remarks he made, obviously growing up gay and philipino gave him some insurities and we feels hurt he's going str8t for the petty personal remark to try and hurt someone else. ahh well, perhaps he'll grow out of it, that sort of change takes maturity and confidence in oneself, being able to take a bit of criticism.
alright, I got to get myself into the car and on my way to work. enjoy the weekend all.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sup bruddas...

sorry not on my usual game of posting. just got super busy this week, bunch of stinking papers to grade, and keeping up with my place and the yardwork, and then the whole internet connection thing not reaching my table anymore. ha subbing both days off this week..blah
I can say I have an interview for an esl teaching job and at city high school next week. so I'm pumped up for that, although I grew up a white suburb schoolboy, I'm wondering what to expect of the city schools. I'm trying to imagine a basic mix of bad and good kids of all races, instead of a stereotyped image of everyone with sagging pants and xxlarge white gangsta tshirts in the halls. with guns and knives etc.... but of course, I'm not going to be teaching a full classroom just handfuls of ESL kids. I can definitely handle it if I get the job. woot woot. I cant wait to be full time again, which equals benefits and traveling again. when and if it happens. Lord willing.
I had a ssigned my college students to interview each other and then write a paper on it including two sources. well they were a LOT of fun to read, the students were all so surprised to find people with stuff in common and with various backgrounds etc... Have I ever mentioned how attached I get to the people in my classes, all interested in their backgrounds and hope and dreams etc... It's kind of funny how I miss them or wonder what they're doing after the semester is open. there is this one guy who used to be snow boarder in CO and then moved back to okc for school. he wears a really cool mohawk spiked up every now and then to class. and last night, I read the interview of him and found out he has a 67 Ford Mustang... AHH man!!! it's just killing me. somewhere in another life I secretly dream somewhere of being a snowboarder, wear a cool mohawk, and definitely want that 67 Mustang!!! oh man.
was subbing 8th grade kids all day today, which was amazing, most of 'em listen to me and I keep ;em busy without coming down too hard and grouchy. I act sort of interesting and random sometimes in the classroom which keeps 'em on their toes. ha One thing is for sure, after having a class of 32 8th graders, it makes me VERY thankful there are ESL positions open where I won't have to be back in a full classroom managing 30 + kids... whoah.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

camera love....

the nipples on the first guy, and the bad boy tats and tonge on the last one. hot hot....take your pic.