Friday, April 16, 2010

less wireless

I was off work yesterday, on purpose so I could some things done. mainly finalize my tax forms and get them printed out and mailed in. also go by the bank for 2 cashier's checks. then took my aunt out for lunch, went by a nursery, then home for a bit of yard work and grading papers. I walked across the street to talk the retired couple who were outside doing a bit of planting also... they showed my a dresser in their house that they'd be getting rid of, and then mentioned how the house was in disarray because they were moving things around and moving the offcie from the front of the house to the back of the house, and the mr. talked to me about how he was moving the router the night before and somehow lost his phone service for a bit etc...
well in the back of my mind of course I was thinking, "oh....maybe that's why I'm not getting a super strong signal inside my house at the table starting as of last night!..." alas.... I may have to pay up for my own internet here very soon. although there are still plenty open signals on my back porch and front porch...or I could start spending more time at Citybites or book stores..ha
excellent weekend coming up. today my students will all be doing interviews with each other and then writing a brief analytical paper on the other including two researched sources.. blah
and then the arts festival dowtown starts on Tuesday, so of course it will rain heavy at some point within the next week. it always rains when the arts festival is downtown. Those of you in OKC get down there and check out all the guys and gals coming down to walk around and do the "date thing" or family thing etc... as I've said before most of the OKC folk who go to arts festival go for the food, not necessarily the art. ha othwise I'm grading problem solving essays all weekend. also my bud from Austin is in town, so we may have the chance to catch up since his breakup a few months age.. ahhhh.
what are you readers up to this weekend? enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

tax and work etc

perhaps you've noticed slugger's recent post about getting settled into a new town and making gay friends. I was thinking about that this last weekend and how important it really is for gay guys to have other gay guy friends. the way I see it is that all my married friends are starting families and it seems the less we have in common since I"m still single. that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. So I definitely think it's wise whether you have a boyfriend or not to surround yourself with friends. gay or not. but it seems to me I have less in common as all my college buds are getting their lives under way with the wife and kids and I'm still single. Don't even get me started on having kids, I'm gone on about that before.
I finished my taxes online tonight.. woot woot. sold some stock last week to pay the income tax with. I had put 10,000 into a roth ira last march and saw a penalty show up on turbotax for anything over 5000. but after I called my agent, he reassured me he'd never have done that, and when I got the roth ira, he entered 5000 as the previous year, and 5000 for 2009. Sweet deal, otherwise I would've been paying $300 a year for the overage.... anyway, Ill get all that stuff mailed in by Wednesday.
I'm going to a job fair tomorrow after subbing 9th grade math. somewhat exciting to see what they need. the fun thing is I'm pretty confident about what sort of job I've done and what I can do and can offer. Just all depends on what the need is out there. one good thing today is my boss at the junior college asked me why I hadn't applied for the full time position. sounded as if they expected me to apply. hope I didn't miss out a chance, but honestly, I'm pretty sure what with all the adjuncts waiting on getting a fulltime position I doubt that I'd had much of a chance being my first year. although she did say from what she's observed and heard is that I'm doing a great job. I told her that I'd been pursuing some with my ESL experience etc etc.... I didn't mention how I'd still ike to work overseas or move to another CITY!!! ha.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

walk in on this....

which one would you rather walk in a room and find? ....