Saturday, April 10, 2010

lay back and chill......

clash no flash

aw the clash of the titans last night, although they didn't have it in 3d. that MIGHT have helped... but not too sure it would have made all that a difference. overall it's an interesting take on the story and keeps your attention more or less. however I think they were a little ambitious on the travelling bits, almost like they thought they were a lord of the rings saga.. not so much... the guy from Avatar in the movie is looking pretty good, has nice legs this time around. Although he neither looks nor sounds very Greek. ha, I'm serious there is a definitely aussie accent at times. gee whiz!!! hopefully I won't sound like I expect TOO much, but I dunno....also the costuming was a bit too haunted house 80's... blah. and wait til you see the giant eewok looking thing, not even sure where that character came from, guess I better buff up on my greek mythology...I can say they overdid it with the blue christmas light eyes though. oh yeah also there is a sort of slam in the film on the other clash of the titans movie, you'll catch that no doubt as they prepare gear to live Argos. Overall a good ride, but Harry Hamlin perhaps a bit more hot in the other film. ha
this is a good weekend, I had to give an ACT test this morning which was good for an extra $90. this afternoon I'm out digging in the yard and about to get the chainsaw going again.. .ahh weekends.....

Friday, April 09, 2010

Thursday, April 08, 2010

hunky wreslters...

Outcast Austin this week.....

not sure how many readers keep up with Outcast Austin radio show. but if you follow this link to OutcastAustin website, you can hear the program from this week including Lt Danial Choi discussing his coming out and movement toward the end of don't ask don't tell. he's a wonderful well-spoken man, speaking of being honest with yourself and his coming out process, and military leadership..,,, I'm proud of my buddy's radio show which changed to an hour program this last year, and this week's episode was # 101!!! check it out.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

dan's day

ask your folks in OKC and they'll say there was a tv show once called "Danny's Day" which is where Mary Hart got her start... well anyway, I had a good day teaching today and was rather please with the outfit I set out to work in. I wear a shirt and tie at least if not twice a week to appear more proffesory and authoritative, by that I mean authority on the subject of writing. Today I wore my whitish putty colored slacks (it's after Easter after all, yeah I"m all old school about that) and a light blue shirt with a broad striped J crew tie navy/silver. and over that this off-white zip-up polished cotton sweater from banana republic. black belt and shoes. I almost felt like Mr. Rogers when I got to work wanting to take off the sweater, put on some sneakers and talk to a red trolley on a built in track behind me.
If you've ever wondered how your professors think about the classes, well let me just say each has its own personality based on the combination of people in the class. my first class in the morning is my most square. meaning least likely to think outside the box. I have to teach pretty much straight up and directly with that class. my next two classes are really fun chat-em-up and laugh class. they are the more fun interesting varied. the 2nd class is a bit more blue collar and local, and the 3rd a bit more party and experienced. both great great classes. and then my last class of the day is the more "loser" class, and I don't mean that badly, just a slight reference because it's the least likely to show up or turn stuff in. A third of the class rarely shows up, and the other two third, I almost swear they plan taking turns showing up when the other is not there. ha ha.
today they all got the points off if your paper is later speech! I worked out usual Wednesday leg day today. some younger college age type kids in there today, although the hotter one I couldn't help think looking like a complete idiot with his shorts down on his but, nobody wants to see that on the floor. pull 'em up. dang!
oh yeah, and this one guy with tons of tattoos on his arm was walking out while I was walking in to the gym today and I was thinking HOT!.. but the weird thing is how much I hate the idea of getting tattoos or someone getting tattoos, I've just always thought it was pointless and I'd never get one, and then I started thinking maybe the way I always talk to myself about how stupid the idea of tattoos are and I'd never be seen with one , is the exact reaons I think they are sort of hot hot hot on the right guy or girl. ha ha, I know I'm crazy, but the right hot bodied girl or guy with tats running up an arm inside a shirt, and I think man I want to touch that tattoo and stroke it right up inside the shirt etc. must be the forbidden fruit theory sort of thing.
well that was my day. down for the count in about an hour. subbing middle school math tomorrow. wah wah...

love letter to japan

I had to turn the radio up in the pickup today on the way from work/gym. ya know I like them synth sounds and the slow fast dynamic. anyway, check it out and turn it up!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

tv and jobs

interesting show last night on PBS called American Experience, is was all about the complete US history of Mormons. This last weekend Easter Sunday, we had a lesson about Jesus's resurrection and how that is the one miracle that our faith is bound to, and on the PBS show they compare the faith in that miracle to the miracle of the treasure of golden tablets that Joseph Smith found and translated into the book of Mormon. well anyway,
tonight I'm watching American Idol.... ya know, I rented the movie September Issue, 'cause ya know I like them documentaries. It's the real life behind the scenes of the editor's work at vogue, like Devil Wear Prada. I liked seeing all the behind the scenes work , definitely nothing like the movie, perhaps the hard nosed editing boss attitude etc... anyway, my favorite character was Grace the creative director former model. she is classic! what i hated the most was the Andre character, this over the top bigger than life gay fashion guy. I dunno it just got old hearing about his gucci wallet and underwear and blah blah blah. he seemed to REALLY be stuck in the name brand 80s. blech
I am really looking forward to class tomorrow, it's quite fun teaching these people how to write, we have a paper due this Friday and I'm sort of dreading what same old schleck I'll get turned in, on the other hand I've really tried to walk them through the preparation process of researching the topic and doing an OUTLINE!!!! I like it when they ask me if I"m teaching the Comp II class, but sometimes I wonder if they like the teaching or am I making it too easy etc.. ha ha. but NO, I don't even plan on teaching there after this summer. hopefully, Lord willing, I'll be employed full time somewhere doing something. I'm bound to find some sort of ESL position at a school here in OKC, but until then it means working at the water park this summer..hmmm
hope everyone is enoying some nice weather, I was off all day today and got out side up on a ladder with a chainsaw cutting off some tree limbs. gym today was back of arms day, I trying to get back on my 6 day plan from when I was overseas...also swam this morning, nice long day!