Saturday, March 20, 2010

Volume 6

I have been grading papers all day.... mental torture at times when you feel a bit adult a.d.d. and have to keep yourself from getting up overy 5 or 10 minutes to look outside, get more icewater, play the piano, go into the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, check the Kansas State game downtown OKC on t.v., do a quick blog post, etc etc... but really I am keeping focussed with t.v. off and getting through my second stack. of 4 that will be done by tomorrow night!! yes.

while listening to my itunes shuffle all day, twice a song has come up from the album "Cafe Del Mar; vol 6." This has always been one of my favorite C.D.s. I bought it randomly at a record store at a mall in Central AMerica about ten years ago... and during the time I've lived in my house here in OKC it was the background soundtrack of choice whenever I had company... ha ha. by company I mean "buds" I had made on the internet. that was the one album I could always put on and then just go at it... ha ha. anyway, I highly recommend for getting your groove on. I linked it above to the Amazon page...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

something fishy

anyone else have a fish tank as a kid? I did. It started as a 6th grade assignment of bringing an empty one gallon glass jug (I think vinegar came it then) to my science glass, fill it with dirt, some Eloda plants for oxygen, and then pond water containing natural something or other, and throw in some guppies and wallah, an "ecosystem". throw the lid on the jar and I'm sure every kid went a few months till eventually something died or went wrong or got to hot or cold etc etc... ha ha. Anyway, I remember mine living quite happily for a while. I don't remember much of anything after that other than I eventually asked the folks for a fish tank and a new tropical fish enthusiasm was born. I remember having this aquarium fish book and reading it front to back, studying the names of fins (adipose, dorsal, ventral, caudal), each type of fish and their differences,Cichlids, Characins, Livebearers, etc etc. I remember getting quite a clear understanding of dominant and recessive genes in the descriptions about breeding strains. Well keeping a variety of fish, living and eventually dying continued until college, and then I got so sick of moving the tank around I got rid of it at somepoint. Today I searched some images of my favorites, the first being the feeder guppy(the colorful Endler guppy type), and then the next favorites African Cichlids and White Cloud Mountain Fish. I have a 30 gallon tank in the shed out back but I'm going to wait to see if I get a job here or overseas next fall before I think about starting anything back up.

Dutch gay military

according to this CNN article saying gays in the military led the Dutch to fail in Serbia, a retired general was saying he heard from a Dutch official that because gays were allowed in the military, it left them weak and unprepared when a muslim massacre occured in 1995. Ridiculousness to say it had anything to do with it. when asked about his source, the name couldn't be confirmed. RIDICULOUS!

shirtless buddies...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

off track

About the Bronner soap, I use about a nickel or quarter size in the shower. if I put in on a scrunchie sponge body scrubber thingy it lasts long time... glad you're enjoying the military pics. I find all the pics on this blog from the internet, an extreme variety of sites mostly other blogs or photo posting sites.... I'm on spring break this week, so that means I'll either be posting more or less. probably less since I have 70 papers to grade before Monday. you know I'd rather be in Austin though for SXSW music festival and tracking down my current favorite up and coming band "Everything Everything." I sort of wonder if Mumford and Sons is in Austin this week. I'll have to research that. really enjoying their stuff too.
I'm watching the Morning show this week and Jason Priestly was on Mon, and today Kirk Cameron filling in for Kathe Lee. I got to say that Kirk has aged a lot better than Priestly. ha
not enough sun yet here in OKC for spring break. the good news is I plan for NO HOOKUPS while off work. I also have been up every morning so far at 630am swimming laps at the pool and then coming home for breakfast. I recently ran out of chocolate ships to put in my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and have decided NO MORE. all this in preparation for summer, more cardio, less sugar, and more workouts. blah
I received a phone call yesterady from a former ESL student. he currently moved back to OKC with a white gf he met online, long story, but anyway, he wants me to come check out their place and said a lot of nice things about how he's kept in touch with me over the years and how much he liked me teaching him in high school. etc etc...ahhhhhh. so I plan to have lunch with him at some point this week. he's pretty funny, telling me when he makes it rich he will have an extra room in his mansion for me to stay in anytime. ha ha. I told him, go for it, but first just work towards getting back into college. One thing I hope to get the chance to say is that even though he "ran away" from home of sorts and is not living the Christian lifestyle and culturally the same as his family, that he can remain his faith in God. he had a fall out with his family when his dad was going to arrange a marriage etc etc... anyway same ole story.
man I'm so glad I survived growing up after college. or have I. confused as ever this week and not into guys much at all this week. ugh you look too much online and it's just the same anatomical parts after a while. big deal.