Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

sub dub

I need to include a link to Design Observer on the right (I've recommended the book "79 essays on Design" before, which is a collection of contributions to the site by Michael Bierut).But anyway, I read yesterday about a photography exhibit of photographer David Masiel. He took photos of all these copper canisters which contain the ashes of patients at a mental "hospital" in Oregon. You can read the amazing post here titled "Death's Bloom." It's quite curious what has happened to these containers just pushed aside for however many years and display of the colors that resulted from their slow decay...I've added the exhibit catalog to my Amazon wish list in hopes of getting to see more.

I subbed at the high school today, and wouldn't you know it first hour there is this one jock in the front row, blond built big and stout with flimsy shorts on and seemingly no idea what they show as he gets up and moves around, and at one point the dark haired taller jock sitting behind him with a tight shirt showing his worked out back was leaning forward in his seat. and the blond guy and him are having some sort of conversation, i dunno, I'm monitoring everyone getting their work done, and so their work out conversation turns into the blond guy runing his finger up and down the guys back talking about that muscle or something, and the dark haired guy says man that feels good. so he keeps doing it, and I'm thinking these kids have no idea how gay that looks. ha anyway, then the guy offers a massage. so blond boy is standing up behind the guy massaging and I'm trying not to stare. ha ha!!! so funny...sheer innocence. ahh well.

I filled in one hour for the profoundly handicapped today and it was so beautiful. a guy in there who speaks syllable after forced determined syllable, but able to have a conversation. and this other girl more handicapped and two others strapped into their chairs. really great deal that a public school can care for these people and give their families a chance that their kids are somewhat included. (a thought passed my mind that there were probably some handicapped people back in the day that ended up in some sort of asylum and how sad.)

I've been lucky to get lots of sub jobs this month on my days off from teaching at the college. teaching tomorrow and then a week off for spring break!!!! bring it on.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

hats off to you

job fair

yup went to a job fair after work today. subbed at the junior high and a teacher mentioned a job fair after school, and next thing you know, I'm in the library during the planning period of the teacher I was subbing for today, and retyping my resume and printing up copies and copies of my teaching certificate that I was able to find on file online of a college I applied to. Went home and changed and washed my face and put on a dressier shirt (it deserves a dan favorite post actually, the shirt). next thing I know I'm at the school by 530 with a folder in hand, and handing out my resume and teaching ceritificate to 6 different schools, who surprisingly are all possibly looking for ESL teachers and like my experience and Math and English certs. woot woot.
finally got my butt out there today, I'm so glad 'cause I really want to go back to salaried living where I know just what's coming in and how much I can set aside and plan to spend on travel etc.. however, I don't know about working at a city school, compared to the suburb districts I'm familiar with. also...the job might be a lot of different preps, like sheltered math and sheltered ENglish and then 3 newcomer classes etc... blah. I'm still excited though. I ran into a former professor who is a vice principal at the high school where it was taking place at, and she told me to give her my resume because there were some openings coming up at the high school for ESL teachers, which is very cool since she also said they are losing 50 teachers this summer due to budget. that's happening all over Oklahoma actually losing teachers...luckily ESL remains a need.
I also looked up some jobs online searching for "Organizational Development" jobs. My friend from Houston was up this weekend and was suggesting getting into a the business world using my Ed degree as that position.....i dunno. For now I'm hoping to find a teaching job and have SUMMER OFF for travel. ahh yeah!!! ha ha

Monday, March 08, 2010

dan's favorite stuff etc

anyone use Bronner soap? it's awesome. I stocked up on quite a bit of it last time in Austin from the WHole Foods store there. I like the liquid soap the best but it comes in bars too. I like the purple "hemp" smell and the blue bottle which is "mint". although I think I've blogged about it before if you get any in your junk it may sting a little, the one with mint that is. you'd be surprised how long it can last and how strong it is. I had a bottle with me overseas when I lived on base and I got just barely through half a bottle. I had a tough decision whether to leave it there or ship it back home when I left. ha.
oh yeah and for bathroom reading, the label will blow your mind. some crazy religious stuff all over the label from the late owner of the company. started his own sort of theology.
Dr. Bronner! get it.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

logorama on youtube while it lasts...

this is the oscar nominated short film "Logorama" there is a LOT of foul language..but it's pretty well done, check it out.

search on youtube. I"ve posted clips but they are all blocked etc etc..

fun Oklahoma City

great weekend. couldn't be any better what with the neice and nephews in town this weekend. I was over at my parents place Thursday night outside throwing balls back and forth with my little nephew and racing the neices to the back of the yard and back etc... eventually other family came over and we talked all about the wedding announcement thing in the paper, later dinner. then watch American Idol as a family ... ahh. I left after that to get home and watch Project Runway although I fell asleep at about a quarter till. I couldn't stay awake and became really sluggish. I think it's all the sugar I had at my moms since I quit eating sweet stuff in 2009, ha I kept putting my finger in the chocolate frosting bowl she had out, and dipping marshmallow krispie treats in there, and after dinner some icecream with some frosting on it, syrup and sprinkles.. yum . of course the homemade dinner was awesome, chicken and homamade macaroni and cheese.... after work Friday I met up S and our bud from Houston who was in town for dinner at the Brewery at 50 Penn Place and following that we saw Alice in WOnderland. It is a pretty good adventure movie ride, but not all that imaginative script/story-wise but a good on screen show. Saturday went to the car show at the fairgrounds. remains slim pickens during these recession times. they used have a LOT more cars out there. But the usual hot dads and pairs of guys were out walking around and that never changes. hot hot.
last night had homemade pizza at mom's and spent more time with my sis/husband and their kids. TOday's plans are to see the oscar nominated animated film showing at the art museum downtown and then home to catch up laundry before OSCARS. good weekend to all.