Saturday, February 20, 2010

who is

as a gay Christian, sometimes I'll pray that if there is someone I'm meant to be with, that God will bring us together... it remains vague on man or woman, but either way definitely heart felt.

hey turn around

Friday, February 19, 2010

this audition video is pretty cute.... but Anthony is my favorite because of his good ole manners. ahhh

Thursday, February 18, 2010

olympic snow

anyone else watching the Olympics this week? I really like the snowboarding teams outfits, the jean look with plaid parka. SHWEET.
I was just wondering today if anyone else owns both a Fairground Attraction and Psapp CD? or have you read "kitchen" by Banana Yoshimoto? you should, there is a short story included in the back that will really stick with you called "Moonlight Shadow."
I subbed at the high school today and and am fully booked on my T, and Th next week.
just grading essay after essay otherwise while at home watching Olympics and project runway and now star trek, flipping back and forth...
weekend is coming, and I'm looking forward to the Oscar warmup at the art museum downtown OKC. they have a night of oscar nominated short films, and then another of animated short films. always interesting...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

off with your head.....

I'm feeling so good tonight listening to this song on a podcast from some German radio show (I'll blog bout it sometime). I had to get up and dance into the kitchen for a glass of water, then sit back down to grade papers and watching olympics..
I think it's the relief of stress of my home back in working order and I got a few more sub jobs booked today. spring around the corner etc.... :)

international flavor....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

nothing like a Monday morning barefoot in freezing water...

yeah when I got back Sunday night I took a shower before bed and the water slower went lukewarm, then without cold water very lukewarm to cold. drat no hot water. I went to bed thinking I'd just used up the hot. I got up Monday morning before my alarm to take a p and checked the faucet, still no hot. went back to bed and laid there thinking through it and that perhaps the basement was flooded....walked down and checked and sure enough 7 or8 inches of water... was gone all weekend and perhaps all the melting snow...I had my sump pump unplugged cause the switch had worn out a few months ago and wasn't shutting off. I'm down there barefoot freezing cold and plugging in the sump pump to at least drain the place... well guess what the pipe that goes out to the vent meets an old iron 90 joint that was cracked and busted and water just poured back onto the floor over by that wall.... ugh.Instead of office hours yesterday, I came home after lunch and met my dad here. we plugged up the pipe to the vent. turned on the pump and water came out of the pipe up near the clothes washer inside. ughhh we went and bought a sump pump that he rigged a garden hose up to that went outside and we got it drained. apparently the check valve had given out quite a while back in my old sump pump.
the water heater lit up a few times but kept going out. I blowed with a hair dryer last night for a while and kept trying to no avail. This morning Brian the handy plumber came back. he's the nicest guy, and this was his third time over. he's honest, hardworking, and has used extra parts in his truck before when he had to repair my sink. anyway, we discuss it all and roots out from outside into the basement and takes out the clog. $99 dollars poorer but worth the fix.
Plumber Brian also told me about taking out the burner in my water heater and either getting the filter dry inside or replace the burner if needed. I removed the burner and could see it was fine.
Dad comes back over today after lunch and we return the sump pump because it had this lousy switch that was not turning on or off like it should. we took back the $84 pump back to Lowes to exchange for a heavy duty $137 version that has a float switch like my old one. it's connected up and awesome. while we were at lowe's, we left a hairdryer going into the base of the water heater. we put everything back and the burner lit up and stayed on this time what with air flowing through the now dry filter. YEAH hot water again! sump pump working.
next project at some point this spring or summer will be take out the old cast iron 90 joint and replace with a pvp type and get the vent hooked back up. possibly replace if needed. the important thing now is that the water drains and doesn't come up from the washer drain pipe.
oh yeah, I could have had a sub job today bus wasn't able to take it since all the home projects. such is life. although I will hit the gym now before dinner. also grading papers all this week!! just had my students turn in their personal experience essays yesterday... woot.

Monday, February 15, 2010

not the best pics but....Jarics from Meteor

here's a not safe for work link to a blog with pics of the Jarics showing it all......

houston account.,...

my buddy S and I arrived down in Houston Friday night about 830pm... lots of snow coming through Dallas with a lot of trucks on the side of the road in ditches. we saw two trucks south of Dallas on the highway that had a snowman built in the bed of the pickup truck. ha
after getting into Houston we went out to a restaurant called "Tony's" which was awesome and I had a marguarita for the first time since college. ha we talked and talked to our friend J there and caught up with what's been going on between our two cities and mentioning some gay guys that we all knew in OKC etc etc.. after that over to a club Guava to check it out and then Meteor, a good crowd and some muscly dancers (although too short or straight or boring mostly).
slept GOOD that night after two tylenol pms... up at 10 am the next morning, quick breakfast and then out towards the galleria by 11. Awesome time shopping, 1st time at the Galleria and we shopped Neiman Marcus first cause J was shopping for a sports coat and possibly black leather jacket... the guy at one point brought over an Ermenegildo Zegna light coat black cashmere and beautiful. I tried it on and it was a very nice perfect fit, looked so good basic black to wear many years with anything, however a price tag of $1800 had me quickly putting it back on the hangar and laughing privately to myself as quite ridiculous. At Saks we shopped again a few jackets and sale stuff. I noticed some awesome grey suede shoes on a mannequin, and when asked they told me to look at the Bally's wall. $395 a pair. UGH I have the wrong taste for an English teacher. I had to quickly remind myself how my former students in Kabbull have NOTHING and for me to have anything here is a LOT!!
lots of other random stores, the food court for lunch, at Macy's I splurged and bought a black Polo shirt. it is Awesome and I'll post a pic soon. we got back home in time to get ready for dinner at 530; we ate at a place called Barbaby's - huge servings and excellent food, very casual atmosphere. next the play "True Love Lies" at the Theater Lab Houston. an EXCELLENT excellent extremely funny and cleverly staged dark comedy sort of drama about a guy who is married with 2 kids and then his ex lover comes back to town and causes a fiasco of sorts etc etc. but lots of stingers and one liners. so great. each cast member did the role to perfection, the dad, mom was really over the top in a great way, the son so teenagery, and the daughter.... whoo mama mia... her breastsMMMM and she's so smart and confident and likeable.... she gets my favorite review for the subtle expressions during the last table scene...if you're in Houston GO SEE IT! for real.
next, we headed for JR's which I really enjoyed drinking some beers and checking the dancers and the crowd many mixed ages and sizes... FUN and then we headed over to Meteor, again really blended crowd, packed, and some dancers from Falcon porn, the Jarics, a married couple that only do porn together etc... a great show and tons of guys to check out..
SUnday morning brunch at 59 Diner and then back on the road to OKC. stopping on the way a few times at Buccees truck stop, and Braums for a chocolate malt.
My favorite Braums shake is a malt made with half plain chocolate and half mint chocolate chip icecream. yum