Saturday, February 06, 2010

dang it all

I was doing some searches with daninokc and saw that it went straight to mybloglog page which for odd reason had my personal real blog connected. dang it all to pieces, what's the use of an anonymous blog if your name shows up on a websearch. UGH! well I can only hope no connection's been made yet as such. whew. I logged into mybloglog and severed the problem.
was volunteering downtown this morning and reading the latest new yorker. REALLY interesting article about this Gospel Singer named Tonex. apparently he came out last APril on some talk show. although most of his fans knew he was probably gay he'd never actually publically said anything til then. and that was pretty much the end of his gospel career.
anyway, check it out if interested, it's curious how he phrases the words "same gender loving" over and over. not the word gay. the guy still has some sort of church in California, and is now a "recording artist." his songs are all over youtube from his gospel singing days, and most of 'em have some interesting comments back and forth from fans who stick by him and others who hope he'll "come back to God." THis is definitely something my buddy speedy would want to read.
there was also 3 great write-ups about author's eulogy, an ex wife or friend I'm not sure, and then a friend of his son Matt that visited him once. oh man I really hope some of Salinger's stuff comes out someday. even just some personal letters I'd love to read.

and also I think eric bana in star trek as nero was HOT.

be a team player....

hey, one in ten, right?

Friday, February 05, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010

thank you gym boy

for that nice nice show in the locker room today. back day today, and there is this tall black guy, i think he's just out of high school maybe, hope so. he is built solid, he's always in there working out and running on the machines and we've had small talk before a few times. sort of like the guys that are always at the gym the same time you have your routine going etc etc. anyway, I always sneaking peaks at his crotch cause he jsut has a bulge going any shorts he's wearing. today I got the full show, dude was stripping down as I was putting on my sweats and hoodie to leave after my work out, and he was stripping down and getting a towel on to go take a shower, although I noticed he went into the steam room instead... bad boy. ha ha.
I quit showering up at the gym last summer, now it's just throw my sweats and hoodie jacket in the locker and put em back on before I leave. although after today maybe I should reconsider and advertise a little myself. ha.
he's solid built more like a baseball player or running back, not overly muscular, and hung and cut. man.
so I decided to stick to this plan for a while MTWHF, shoulders, chest, legs, back, arms. sat and sun, run or just rest.
another thing, I've pretty much given up on porn for the last few weeks, just bored with the whole thing pics vids etc... I mean sure the general beefcake I like to search around for this site. but otherwise all else is boring. and then Tuesday night I came across a clip of Mike Branson. ... oh man! sort of an ideal film start hat guy.whoah. I surfed around and found he retired in 2002 , had actually been funding college with porn and became a lawyer. also has a wife and twins. hmmmmm interesting.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

don't ask, tell me or don't already....

I thought this HUFFINGTON POST article was interesting about the don't ask don't tell policy which is bound to change in the next year or so. This article was also interesting, although there must be some more sources out there about countries where gays are serving and the effects or concerns etc etc if any.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

gym day, pose buddy!

I really like the bulge on the second guy, also the nice proportions, in shape but not overly muscled legs or back etc.. also the last pic is sort of exciting to consider the two or the four bunks being used, just right across from each other and what must his barrack mate look like? alas
(although I'd sleep with my head away from where the door opens if I had the bed on the right in the photo)

boys say go

ground hog day

I'm about to head out to the gym before lunch. the usual Tuesday where I can work chest in a long workout and then deserve a cheesy meaty lunch of new york style pizza at a local place. THis morning I've been watching "Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain" series on youtube. I started it this weekend and am now finishing the second half of the episodes. also grading papers today, watching the stock markets just for fun, my GNW stock is up and NCS stock is just sitting there. MSO and MOT are down. ahhhh.
I am looking forward to some mail today, something I "won" on ebay. It's a deck of playing cards from Icelandair airlines. They were noted as the "best take-away" in an article in Monocle magazine of the best of international travel. I liked the illustrations of nordic gods in place of the royalty, and went straight to ebay and said to myself "I'll have that, thank you." all other purchases on strict hold. I also plan to get my some letters written today to some people I need as references. I'm going to send them some reference forms with addressed stamped envelopes to DODEA, which is where Im' applying for a DOD military school overseas possiblilty for next year. I figure I should get at least some interest being certified to teach secondary English, and up to 10th grade math. also master's in TESOL. experience of 3 years teaching in central america, 10 months with the USAF teaching in Kabbul and DLI trained etc..I am sort of just getting my name in there, and will also look at a local public school this spring for full time work. we'll see which door God opens in the long run.

when I think about long term goals, I figure I could either go overseas a year or more and save money to come home with and get my doctorate, OR work full time again and go to night school slower route to my doctorate... but somehow end up with a college prof job somewhere.
the ice is melting a bit today and i keep hearing it fall outside, most alarming is the sudden thuds against the storage shed on the side of my house from the ice falling off the neighbor's tree above.
I've been listening to this song by Discovery all morning over and over and will do so now again as I pack my bag for the gym.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

vintage male bonding...

star trek chekov

so cute... mmmmph. I watched the rented dvd of Star Trek movie last night. I'd only seen it at the theater way back when it came out, so I'd forgotten what a great movie it was. I did remember exactly why I loved the character Chekov so much when I saw the film. something about the cute little guy, energetic well-meaning and willing to please. nervous little fella. something really gets me with that sort of guy. hot without being overly good looking, slightly on the dorky guy next door look.
I went to bed last night considering young Chekov 2 years into his duty on the USS Enterprise, at 19, keeping fit and well trained at the physical wellness facilities on ship and getting into a routine of workouts while a couple of security guys did the same. both just a bit older one taller while the other rather big and muscluar. and while they're not quite as brilliant as the engineer, they begin to pal around quite a bit, conversations in the showers after a workout, buying each other drinks in their offtime at the bar, whatever they call it. the taller guy is more of a quiet type, duty driven and into being big strong and ready to protect, Chekov also quiet and more likely to observe the others. the third guy being more of the ladies man type. and a few times they end up sharing a turbolift back to their quarters, and maybe on occasion they help one or the other back to his room...etc etc etc.. well this isn't that type of blog where I'd get all into it. but I thought of some different sort of ideas for future Star Trek episodes... ha
Does anyone else notice the lack of Arab, Indian, Persian representation in the future? I guess because they stick to the original which I guess was groundbreaking enough just putting an asian, scot, vulcan and african american together on deck. Still it sort of dates the idea just a little in the new movie, I mean they have Russian, Asian, Scot and such represented, green person, Vulcan. and then that's about it. I guess we'll have to assume there are other starship bases more regional where the staff and crew is perhpas diverse to that part of the world maybe??? blah enough of that.
still I do love that character Chekov. I post a pic here of the actor who's 20 now. should be very cool to see him in future Star Trek movies. I also liek the Spock actor who was also in Heroes tv show. I actually met a guy last summer or spring who looks a lot like him here in OKC. hot thin dark haired guy and hung. lost track of that guy, dang.