Friday, January 29, 2010

more male bulge

dude got a bigger budget for this one. but I kinda like the travel around the world original version here...

man crunch superbowl commercial

apparently there's some news going on about this ad getting dissed by cbs, but as you can see it's not showing anything worse than an SNL skit...blah

btw, anyone even heard of the site before? I haven't ( not that I've EVER been on any of those online meeting sites or anything...)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Salinger dies at 92...

"Raise High the Roofbeams" is one of my favorite books. it's one I could read over and over and over. The sheer wit, cleverness, intelligence of the story telling....ahhhh. I guess I'd compare to the way you read a book and feel the realness of a fictnional world like Narnia or in Lord of the RIngs. The Glass family felt very very real. To be honest, now that I think about it, upon discovering Salinger I must have been fascinated with the whole new England setting and imagining I had some roots involved in that time and place, since my mom grew up in Long Island. I also like the way there was this family habit of leaving literary notes behind for another. ha I read through all of Salinger's works during college. YUM. I guess the most popular and classic novel would be "Catcher in the Rye." Basically the first book to identify with the adolescent teenager not having a place in the world. And consider the world now with it's fascination and main focus on youth culture. Marketing fashion, radio, tv, I guess it's either that teenagers are spending all the money, or the parents are throwing cash atwhat their teenagers want, or maybe it's adults feigning to stay young and buy only what appears youthful. ahh youth.
Other news today, how about that State of the Union speech with the president wanting to do away with "don't ask don't tell" all seems so draconion nowadays that it's even an issue, it seems to go right along with what he said about falling behind other countries with our progress. there are a lot of countries that just let men serve regardless. hopefully congress wil act soon.
I think I'll go find one of those books in a box around here somewhere......

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

guys goofing around again....

James VanderBeek alert...

just saw preview for next week of a show I don't watch, I swear I don't watch the show, but I always check it out a bit while flipping channels is all. "Mercy" on NBC. I don't want to 'fess up to watching that show 'cause it's so contrived, another hospital show. blah blah blah blah.. anyway, I thought it was cool to see a grown up Vanderbeek on the preview, he's joining the cast as a chief of something at the hospital. let the usual frustrating sexual chemistry ensue...
-- went to the apple store today and the cutest friendliest little blond girl was super helpful in telling me all my options, all of which did not include fixing mine... :(. ah well. apparently the moving parts inside (hard drive) is bust, on a good note, I can trade it in ("recycle") for 10% off a new one, or itouch, or nano....etc etc.. man what a day, teaching all day, planning and making copies (read it like the guy on SNL), and then to the Apple store and Penn Square mall, then back downtown to the gym for leg day, grocery store to join the mad dash of everyone stocking up on food before the ice storm hits tomorrow, and then finally HOME . now it's state of the union...rhetoric. ALSO, I came home to find a note the new roomie moved out! sweet! it wasn't really going to be a good fit what with me around the house in the mornings on my days off and him trying to sleep in since he has a night shift. He's been speaking with and visiting his paternal grandparents lately who his step-mom never allowed the family to see. something like that, I dunno. but apparently they have cancer and could use some help around the place while they have time...ok. We're all sort of hoping it doesn't really last with him and my neice anyway.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January cha cha cha cha cha...

anyone else ever sort of take on characteristics of other people they like or impressed by etc....? I think we all do to some extent, obviously. like a catchphrase from SNL, or hanging out with a best bud that you develop the habit of saying the same joke or comment back and forth. so you already know I'm weird and considering myself way to much. but today I was returning some mail-service dvd's at blockbuster (Born RIch, and Beautiful Losers) and trading one for Star Trek. and talking to the lady there about how I got the email and hopefully the computer would show I was allowed a free dvd trade ( since I pay for the cheaper service where you can't). anyway, I was talking and explaining and thinking on the way out how I was acting like some character from tv or someone I know.. couldn't figure it out and then I lost it. but I really do that, the most distinct is this student I had years ago who had the cutest way of saying he didn't know something by sort of tightening his lips and squinting a little with raised eyebrows. sort of a subtle as if you're about to get water splashed on your face maybe sort of look. and then he'd shrug his shoulders just a bit. well I noticed I started doing that when talking to someone and explaining how I didn't know and then sort of giving that it-isn't-likely or I'm sorry sort of gesture from that student. so yeah weird huh. something sor tof chameleon like. I bet it's some sort of innate thing maybe we all do subconsciously
TODAY I was up at 7am swimming laps at the pool. woot woot. getting back to it hopefully somewhat regularly now. was back at the gym for the usual chest day at 1230 before lunch. excellent day out today and we're supposed to get ice storm coming thursday. btw, if you haven't noticed on this blog, if you ever move to Oklahoma prepare to include the weather in your conversationa a lot. ha .


Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

hey poser... ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

for Randy....

OETA had a news story on tv about the making of this "hit"

I want my Orlebar!!

the swim shorts in the profile pic. but come on, paying more than $100 for less than a yard of material made into a swimsuit seems ridiculout. anyway, the J crew swim trunks arrived today and I was underwhelmed, less square cut than I wanted and I hate the drag of all that extra weight around my legs while swimming, but ah well they are just as useful for swimming laps in anyway, so no big deal.
the weekend went by quick enough. I got a lot done around the house and moved a few shrubs on the side of the house. I also cut down some branches off a Siberian Elm in the front, and brought a few into the house to stick in a vase. I like the round buds on the stems, looks sort of cool.
My Ipod classic froze up on me a few nights ago.... how sad, my first MP3 player ever that's traveled all over the world with me and back. the screen just shows an apple, or a red x in a circle. and yes I've been on their site, and already tried to reset it and put it in disc mode, but pushing the center and bottom button does nothing. ugh. I think I might call the apple store and take it in tomorrow to see if they have any suggestions. some kids in my class today said to let the power completely drain out and then recharge it, and another said, buy one at Wal Mart and then take back the old one. no thanks, ha! come on, Integrity!! ( actually i have a long drawn out walmart story why I'd never do that but anyway.....)
really loving life lately, just being back to work and getting my classes started back up and the opportunity to help some kids improve, no matter what grade they get out with or how well they write their essays from now on, I hope to at least have them improve in structure, or maybe just to inspire to continue going to classes and pursuing their goals etc. Oh yeah, also some social skills, we did group work today so that was a start.
I'm about to go run at the gym for about 30 minutes and then do my usual stretch out and abs etc. tomorrow will be chest day blah blah blah
want to hear something really gay that I did this weekend, I watched all the episodes of French and Saunder's "Let Them Eat Cake" on youtube, followed by 3rd season of "jam and Jerusalem." the latter is really excellently done, but then of course I'm pretty much and Anglophile.
I"m off on a road trip to Houston in about 3 weeks. more as news happens. ;)