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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

finished first day of classes...

whew...what a day. tough night last night. I woke up at 330am from the roomie coming home. this was actually my fault 'cause I'm so deaf and had the tv turned up pretty loud when I turned it off ot go to bed last night. so when he came home and turned on the tv.. it came on the same loud!. ha but no bid deal. what sucked is I woke up a few more times around 530 or so and then the alarm at 630....which wasn't so bad getting up for, just an hour earlier than I've been getting up the last 3 weeks. I backed out of my drive into the neighbor's fence behind my house and took out the top part of my passenger side tail light. UGH!!! however, after arriving to my first class., I got right back into adjunct professor mode and went over my syllabus with all 4 classes, including my usual speech and how everybody has to show respect to everyone including me, and how poor social skills is the number one reason people get fired in this country regardless of the job high or low. and then I also went on about treating college like a job, and SHOW UP etc etc blah blah. i might have blogged this before.hmmm
leg day at the gym after work and to honest I've only been running lately and not working out my legs like I should. You know how my number one pet peeve is guys who work upper body only!!! ughhh.. what am I doing!!!!! so I am definitely putting WED back to leg days from now on. and I am feeling really awful about all the soreness from getting back into the workouts.... ugh.
I orderd some J crew swimsuits on clearance like 4 or 5 months ago. and today I got an email that they finally shipped!! ha. I don't like swimming in board shorts so I guess I'm pretty picky about the swimsuit. and the one on sale at J crew last fall were the perfect square cut shorts type I LOVE! so I shoudl be getting back into swimming this semester as well. a friend in Houston is POSSIBLY buying a condo in FLORIDA so i want to be ready if it happens to go and visit and get on THE BEACH! ha
this ESL job online is looking pretty interesting...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Alex Katz..........ahhh

date and new roomie

well dinner with the male nurse last week went really well. we met up at a really hip/cool mexican food place on 23rd called Big Truck Taco. I know it must be a really hip place cause I ran into a former fellow teacher who is about the coolest English teacher I've seen at that school. ha. anyway, MN and I caught up and chatted about his kid and living situation and the guy he'd been seeing at his work. and I talked about my curret sit. etc.. I'd forgotten how big and tall and broad shouldered he was, not to mention that amazing irish grin. mmm. so a hug and goodbye and I guess I'll ask him out next and go from there. kind of sucks he lives in Norman though.
I have a new roomie anyway so no action at my place for a while. I might as well join in with Speedy's going celebate plan for now. The kid moved in yesterday and works part time 11pm to 230am and then sleeps into the day... I think he wants to get another job since he's not in school right now. so we'll see how all this goes. it's a long story but my family has his back so it's not a bad thing.
chest day today at the gym. foggy here in okc. west wing continued on bravo this morning and the president got his daughter back. yesterday they had the actor's studio on tv all morning and is was actually really good with Ricky Gervais and then Conan Obrien. wow.

Sunday, January 17, 2010