Tuesday, September 07, 2010

shake it up and thanks...

hey guys thanks for all the great home improvement tips. I got some great comments and emails and got a lot to think about. I'm the practical sort of guy who was pretty much deciding on formica since the formica countertops in the cash office where I worked this summer have been there for 20 years and still holding up. ha
but overall I'd say the salestone (sp?) would be my spend money choice over the cheaper laminate. ok enough boring countertop talk. I'll prolly redo the bathroom before the kitchen anyway..
dan is shaking it up at the gym beginning TODAY. basically for several years I've worked out one or two muscle groups a day depending on how many days I had for gym time, when I was overseas that was 6 days a week. wow. now it's 3 or 4. well anyway, I was reading the Men's Health with Kellen Lutz on the cover and there is a 28 day workout plan .. so I said to myself last night, regardless of any results and all that, I'm going to do it just to add some variety to my workout for a change. so ther are like 3 pairs workouts, legs and upper body stuff that you do 3 sets of each. there is a plan A and plan B that you do every other day. well anyway, here goes. I'm gonna give it a try and see if I can shake it up a bit before fall break oct 21.
met a freind for dinner this last weekend. my bud in OKC had a guy come in from out of state that he's visited a few times and is feeling out for something or other, not sure. but anyway, we all went out at the "iron starr" on western and 36th. great place with the same owners as "Cheever's". well anyway, I mentioned to the out of town guy about how I was sorting of communicatin with my ex college gf jsut to see whether we were still compatible and stuff...we had a pretty good discussion, basically he mentioned that just cause I wasn't into all the sex stuff with guys, he knew a couple that only jerked it and were happily married/in love etc..
yeah well jerking is really boring for dan lately.
well enough about that. hope everyone had a great weekend. I just took a shower and nothing feels better than showered up and into bed after just changing the sheets.
i should do a poll for guys to say HONESTLY how often they change the sheets. I mean I'm pretty bad probably every month if that!! pretty much it's when I think about it and then off and into the wash they go. ha


Anonymous said...

how often i change the sheets depends on how much "entertaining" i do. lol.
after being away for 3 weeks, finally getting back into my own bed with clean sheets after a shower was the BEST! nothing beats the feel of freshly laundered sheets against ur skin. well, hold on...maybe i was a bit hasty to say that "nothing" beats the feel of clean sheets. i can think of one thing that tops that. has to do with the feel of skin on skin. i think u know what i mean. lol.

Anonymous said...

so professor,
what's the update on the 6'3 or 4" college student from the spanish class down the hall? hmmmm? did you run into him again? did you introduce urself? we're all dying to know.

John D said...

We change ours weekly, w/o a doubt! Good luck with the workout change; I should give that a read and at try...

Icon said...

Hi Dan. It has a lot to do with season/temperature and bed entertainment. Also, if I'm doing other laundry and/or cleaning the bedroom. Those are good times to strip the bed.

Dean Grey said...

Your new workout plan sounds exhausting, Dan!

I'll let you do all the exercise and I'll watch from the sidelines.



Anonymous said...

...i better change my sheets now...thanks for the reminder...it's been uhh about a few weeks or so...

question is: how do you get your sheets to be w/o wrinkles after laundry?


Anonymous said...

hey anonymous @ 10:20,
here's my attempt at playing suzy homemaker:
1. iron them - only an option if you have the time but nothing beats ironed sheets.
2. have them professionally laundered - i'll do this when i'm feeling "flush" but it can get expensive.
3. take them out of the washer the second the machine goes off and similarly remove them from the dryer before it turns off. smooth them out by hand and fold them or put them back on the bed right away.
4. buy permanent press sheets - yuk! nothing beats all cotton sheets except perhaps satin sheets. lol.

Anonymous said...