Saturday, July 03, 2010

you enjoying the weekend?

Hope everyons is haveing a great 4th weekend. mine was pretty busy. last night went to the "art walk" that they have every first Friday of the month at the Paseo district here in OKC. basically it's a pretty cool little old time neighborhood north of downtown where all these shops have been turned into art galleries. so a lot of people walking around in and out of them etc people watching and all that. we ate at a pizza place where it's by the slice and it was GOOD.
I ran into this guy who used to be a regular "bud" and smiled and said hello etc.. ha ha. he was out with his bf and some other guys. today I went out west of OKC for a little landscape consulting job, and then work. rained all day but that didn't keep people from coming to the water park, after all lines are SHORT if any. ha I like working weekend 'cause you see more families and older guys out there shirtless and ripped! ahh yeah
tonight had a cook out at my sis's with ALL the family meaning plenty neice and nephews and their spouses and dates and food etc.. tonight just wondering when next week I'll get to have a meal with the hot Irish male nurse who called last week. I've been looking forward to a date with a dude where I keep my pants on. ;)


Marshall said...

tell us more about the date with your pants off!

Anonymous said...

I agree!! LOL