Sunday, March 28, 2010

CBS this morning don't ask or tell...

good story reported this morning on the changes of don't ask don't tell this last week.
I like that they mentioned what other countries are doing and even had a picture of an Israeli soldier who says his bf visits twice a week... check out the story here at CBS Sunday morning..
The part about the two lesbians who were serving wonderfully until reported was sad, especially since one of them was reported as revenge for turning in someone for drug use etc... UGH.
Regardless how long it takes to change, the truth is change will come, for one thing the new generation of soldiers and officers are going to care less. and the only officers complaining will be the ones our grandparents' age who are from a completely different way of living, including military life.
btw, is anyone watching amazing race, I'm just flipping by it now and then, but I got to say what is up with the complaining and bitchiness from the two lesbians competing. ughhhh. I'm rooting for the two Oklahoman cowboys of course. ha I'm really looking forward to next month. I've been told that the schools at the job fair I went to a few weeks ago start making calls mid April. There is also another job fair in April that I look forward, especially since one of the middle schools is a half mile from my house... I can't wait to be full time employed again, I'm not traveling much at all this year, and am sort of just living on memories at this point, and then some daydreaming about plan for travel in the future... I might teach a class this summer and work at the water theme fun park again. although I'm living pretty simply and frugally right now, my stocks have been going up almost reaching the amount I made while teaching overseas..I had been considering paying off my mortgage, but considering what I pay in interest on the mortgage in one year, compared to what the stock is earning (so far, it could fall back down to nothing any day, I realize all you non-optimists like myself...:)...) it's worth it to keep the funds in stock at this point.


Terry said...

I'm just too happy to hear that more and more people are in against the "don't ask, don't tell" rule. It is absolutely ridiculous to discharge one from the military and then deny him/her from the privileges of being a part of the military before simply because of the person's sexual preference.

We really need to bring home the idea into those nut skulls (politicians, top ranking military officers or whosoever) that a person's sexuality is just a very small part of the person that comes naturally. Being gay, or lesbian, is just like a personal trait like hair color. Discriminating people, especially servicemen and women who have placed their lives at risk to protect the country, has no basis to stand and will never ever be justified in one way or another.

p/s: Good luck for the job fairs!

Anonymous said...

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