Friday, January 01, 2010

awesome weekend so far....

damn what a great weekend this new year's has been. Drove through a major snow storm coming down to Dallas Friday afternoon. helped my bud move some stuff. then he went off to work and I stayed at his place and rested up. later meeting my OKC buds S and T for dinner at Pappdeaux seafood place. man I ate a LOT, on purpose really since I knew I'd be drinking all night. We went to the strip in Dallas and ended up at Roundup bar for new year's. then I got a text from Wyatt buddy, and went over to his work, then we left to a party at a friend of his named Josh who lived downtown. the guy had this CRAZY 2 story apartment with a hottub on the rooftop patio. bunch of gay guys and some straight girls and couples. the one hot guy at the party was a bit of a tease and Wyatt and I both were flirting him the whole time there, he said he was bi etc.. whatever... it got us nowhere in the end but lots of fun hanging around and chatting him up and I like getting my hand in his shirt many times. there was some hookah smoking in Josh's bedroom, and some drinking and dancing. oh yeah the straight couple came down from the hot tub and took turns showering off, the guy actually took it all off and man what a beautiful site. I happened to be in the hallway between the room and the bathroom with the glass door facing into the mirror etc etc. anyway, they were an awesome fun couple. the girl was fun and bragging bout her boy and I was just giving praise and laughing. ha
we got home at 4 am. today we moved some more stuff, and then went to a friend of W's house for food an movie watching party all day. "Pecker" which is very cool and I'd never seen before. then they put on Brothers, so I left for Ikea shopping, then I came back and we watched the movie about the guy who invented Lying. and then a documentary about Beautiful People. oh yeah! I also met a blogger buddy from the past, Organized Chaos. I would have liked to talk to him a bit more but what with the movie going and all. midnight now and we are back home, not going out, and resting up. I'm about to crash. good weekend to all.


Cash said...

Good stuff dude, And the weekend is still going strong!

Brian McLaren said...

Where's the link to my blog??? I want some of those 500 hits a day! ...KIDDING!

It was great to meet you too bud.
Next time you're in town... have Speedy give me a heads up.