Saturday, December 12, 2009

men in shorts

life of Dan...

well it's Christmas party time of year. and this weekend it's two. last night I went to a big yearly Christmas party at this girls condo from the singles group/bible study I used to attend. saw some of the same single people from past single events with that group... knowing most of the people makes the whole single thing a lot less threatening as far as anyone trying meet up and date. by now we would ahve already considered someone in the group. ha I like to go just because there are some nice people there and it's good to just talk to 'em and catch up what's going on in okc etc... My former trainer was there last night, the sportswriter. great great guy and he noticed I was a little bigger than when we used to train. ha I told him, he shoudl have seen me when I first got back from overseas last year.
Tonight I was invited to my ex gf party up in AR where a lot of my married friends live and are going to the party, but I'm counting out this year. there is another party here in OKC I'll be attending with a gay buddy of mine. Another gay guy's annual get together with various guys in the community here in okc. so that will also be awesome cause I love just talking to people and not being at some bar with the usual pretenses.
man I'm tired today and sort of headachy. that's what I get for doing shoulders Wednesday at the gym. second day is when the soreness always hits me.
I was commenting to my dallas buddy this week how I wasn't really looking much to hook up in NYC last weekend and that lately I'm thinking more along the line of keeping my body and parts more to myself. I mean sort of save it for the next RIGHT one. just the next NEEDED release one...if that makes sense. I'm hoping to build up a sort of self regard and keep myself a mystery to be shared with someone deserving. ha now that sounds like a girl. oh no. anyway, this could all change in a week, as I'll have many days off between now and next semester...
ok well back to grading papers and keeping warm here at the table, and thinking about what to wear to the party tonight...

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

bright lights big city last weekend.....

arrived to NYC last Thursday around 2pm and got into Manhattan about an hour later, and to my hotel from grand central by 4pm. I got all checked in to my hotel and then back into the city and TIME SQUARE woot 5:30..and then picked up my tickets at the St James theatre and back there by 7pm to see Finian's Rainbow. I was right smack in the middle about row N. Excellent show, perfect song and dance experience on broadway. The guy playing Finian was an absolute genius with ever word, move, gesture, and turn. WOW, the guy playing the leprechaun also did an excellent job, complete cream of the crop up on that stage. I have to admit one of the things that lead me to see FR was Cheyenne Jackson in the cast. He does a good job, strong voice, and looks good in the jeans. But I have to say Finian and the Leprachaun really stole the show for me. OK, so the absolute highlight of my trip to NYC happened next, I got to go backstage after the show. I was so nervous and excited and hyped up after the show. and the cast was walking all around back and forth. My friend who works backstage introduced me to each one saying how I'd come from OKC to see the show and I was saying "wonderful job, loved the show!" to everyone. ha ha. I even got to shake Jackson's hand. wow, who would have thought while I was back in AFghanistan watching youtube clips of him in Xanadu that over a year later I'd be in NYC meeting the guy. Woot Woot.. Incredible!
My Austin buddy had been in a meeting with Cadzwell earler and we were going to meet up after I went to the show at a club called "Beauty Bar" where Cadzwell was dj-ing that night. However, it didn't work out and I decided to swing by the Gym bar and after a few drinks and looking around went back to the hotel and crashed!
Friday I woke up and headed up to Rockefeller center, to see the tree and all...stood outside of the NBC studio for a little while. The end of the Kathy Lee and Hoda hour was going on and you could kind of see them inside so that was cool. walked aroudn shopping after that, taking pictures and all. Austin buddy called at had some free time after he had to return a chair west side from a photo shoot the previous day. we met up and had lunch and caught up, it'd been a LONG while since seeing him on the Sante Fe road trip last summer (and with the boyfriend, man do we talk WAY less these days) but it's all good. We walked back up to Rockefellfer center and met up with his BF, then down to bryant park, and then said our goodbyes... they had things to do and I had to get back to the hotel and get ready for my DATE. ha
I had a date with this guy I met last summer in SF , we'll call him P. P works in down by wallstreet and is a workaholic! seriously, well we had agreed on dinner at Arriba Arriba on 51st and 9th. Awesome time and he's a super smart guy and we talked over dinner the whole time(btw the place had great music and excellent atmosphere!). after that we walked all the way down to meatpacking district and he explained all sorts of things about NYC, and we checked out the highline, and then walked to the river and along the bank and out on the chelsea pier(name?), and gazed across the river over into new jersy. He explained how the banks all have their buildings spread out now and ready to go in case there were ever another attack on wall street. He lead me over towards Stonewall next, and then walked me back near the hotel, by now it was about a quarter til 1am, and we said our goodbyes as he went for a taxi and I walked down Jane street to my hotel. ( yeah awkward moment, I wasn't sure about the kiss thing or not and to be honest not sure how much we really connected other than we both love learning things and love to travel) He wasn't exactly asking me over to his place or anything, and my hotel room was a SINGLE, literally the size of a double bed, half of which was a twin bed. we'll see how it goes with emails and if I ever get back to NYC.
Saturday!! Soho and Fidi on my list. walked down greenwich to photograph the former house of Robert Isabell that I blogged about doing before. then shopped all over Soho eventually getting on a subway down to Century 21 dept store for a bit more shopping and then Seaport to check it out and also buy a ticket for Hair. got a taxi back to my hotel to unload all my bags and get ready to meet up with a former student in Brooklyn. A guy, LO, I taught in Central america is living in Brooklyn just now and another girl student, LZ, was in town from Philly. I met with both of them for dinner in Williamsburg, so much fun! LO showed me a furniture gallery he's interning at, and then we met up with LZ in town from PA. I've known them since teaching them in 7th and 8th grade and couldn't be more proud of all the steps they're making in life. LO took me by one of his favorite bookstores on the way to the substop and bought me a book "Design as Art" by Bruno Munari. ahhhhh. we left LZ on the L train and took a sub north towards the Al Hirschfield theatre for Hair. I had only bought one ticket earlier, but told LO to come and I'd get him whatever ticket was left to see the show. 3 months in NYC and he hadn't seen a broadway show yet. get this! my ticket was orchestra 8 rows back furthest left seat, which wasn't too bad really although a side view. So we get there before the show and I ask them for one ticket whatever they have etc. the ticket they sell me is orchestra 5 rows back center!!! ha ha, well of course I'm nice and let LO have the ticket. excellent seat. to his right on the other side of the aisle was Kate Beckinsale. after the show she very kindly let me take a picture of her with LO. ahhh. so yeah he enjoyed it. I also really liked the preformance, having seen the movie and owning the soundtrack in college. what a night. we split up after the show and I headed towards some bars in chelsea eventually ending up at Monster ( which according to P is mainly B and T crowd. ha).
ok so SUnday morning basically got packed and slowly made my way back to grand central etc.... back home Sunday night. what a trip!!! can't wait to get back.

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stick, stone, hunch, glass...

I'm loving this song tonight, it just put me in a mood while I was listening to NPR an the 10pm drive back from the airport after stopping off for eggs and bread at the store...i suggest paying no attention to the video here...just the music... ahhh Bossa nova.. although this song was originally recorded in Portuguese, I think it's still poetically effective...

NYC to OKC today.....

had an awesome weekend...Two broadway shows, a few bars....lots of shopping, Rockefeller Cntr, Fidi, Seaport, Soho, Brooklyn, etc...sun, wind, snow. will post about it soon. packing up all my stuff now to try to get it all in the one carry on, plus a "personal item" which is going to be sort of a shopping bag that my laptop bag will fit into for convincing.....if that makes sense. we'll see.
Excellent time here.