Friday, November 06, 2009

things are better

suck! can't wait for my hands to heal up a bit. I hate to think of missing any gym time. ugh.
i have been sitting around today with my two index fingers trying to keep both as straight as possible in their bandages. just grading essays and watching tv and going outside now and then to enjoy the fall weather. going to be nice this weekend....I had a call from a "bud" in town this morning, this ex army guy I think I've mentioned before. anyway, I told him my hands were not in any state to be handling his monster...but he could feel free to call me for lunch sometime.
(I'm still on the wagon with the beard until thanksgiving. i know that sounds insane, ahh well)
I also called this other buddy, an ex army nurse who lives in town, cause I wanted some help changing my bandaids. since they're on my hands and all... but he just got off work at 7 this morning and slept in all day til 1pm, when he called I'd already got the nerve to change everything myself. and basically all the skin is connected and set and I think should heal up with out any stitches needed. so I just got to keep it all clean and keep pouring on the hydrogen peroxide when I change bandaids. now if I can just shower up and keep half my hands dry...
oh yeah, I'm getting some tickets to Hair and Finians rainbow for my NYC visit. also getting some ideas to shop around while there, I am planning on taking hardly any clothes, and then return with a few new ones... also will be going out with the banker friend I made while in Santa Fe last summer. and I have plans to meet up a former student from central america interning in NYC right now... shweet, one month away.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

shirtless....cheer up guys

good ole gym... ugh

yeah I went in tand worked shoulders this afternoon, and my last set of where I pull the curl bar up from my waist to below my chin, well I went one too many, lost my balance, and suddenly found myself falling forward into the curl bench and NOT letting go of the damn bar! ughhh,...
so yeah I gashed up both hands. i was taking the weights off playing it cool and then walking to the lockeroom to LEAVE. ha and i noticed a trail of blood on both hands. sucks! i tore up some skin on the left index finger nuckle about the size of half a dime, and the right hand sliced the index in two places, and clipped into a part of the base of my middle finger between that and the index. was something really shiny red showing through the injury there. blech.
well I was all shaken up and trying to save my pride, and got a paper towel and wiped up the blood and blotting the skin down. the lady at the front office took care of me, cleaned it up real well, sprayed it down, put on two small bandaids and two butterfly bandaids on the worse ones.
I should be fine, will sleep on it. clean 'em up in the morning and re-bandage, maybe call a nurse friend to help me out a bit. ha
great weekend ahead, supposed to be good and warm here in okc. got a banquet tomorrow night, volunteer satruday, and otherwise just enjoy joy joy... ahhh. oh yeah and rest my hands... blah

Monday, November 02, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009