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hotel booked...

alright anyone who's been to NYC or knows it... do you have any comment/suggestion on staying near 38th and broadway at this hotel, the americana inn, or west side near chelsea at this hotel, the Jane hotel. the Jane hotel looks really cool and it's cheap and a good friend (you know who you are mr. tall smart and handsome) recommended it for the feel of the area. However last time I stayed at the americana and enjoyed being right there in the middle of things.
I guess I'm pretty much romaticizing the visit already since it's in December, all I can think about are movies like Whit Stillman's "Metropolitan" (sean, rent it now if you haven't seen it!) and/or some Woody Allen film. all the background shots of the look and feel of NYC during the holiday season. well that's the part I'm excited about when I go. BTW, I'm going the first part of December...woot woot. my austin bud will be there that weekend and P that I met in santa fe is interested in going to see a show like "our town" off broadway with me. also I get a month of solid gym time now that I got that extra bit of motivation.
oh yeah also I got the beard back since a few weeks ago until Thanksgiving. and I know I'm a big weirdo ---- but I don't mess with guys when I have a beard. yeah really strange, but it's just my thing, and I like the beard when the seasons are changing this time of year, also I like it for the professor look, and one less thing I have to do in the morning, shave! ha

Monday, October 19, 2009

big dude

I love scrubs... YEAH!!!

---U2----- !!!!!!!

went to the U2 concert last night. was OUTSTANDING and AWESOME! the stadium was PACKED out donw in Norman at the OU football stadium. we get inside and notice the $40 tshirts, screw that. Black Eyed Peas opening like the party band they are....absolutely all FUN. opening with "Let's get it started"... ahh yeah did they ever, and eventually Fergie sang "big girls don't cry" was cool hearing live. and more songs ending with Boom boom Pow, and then of course, Tonight's gonna be a Good Night!! not everyday you can see the currently number one band with a number 1 and 2 song on the charts!! woo!!! next U2--------everysong the new ones and everysingle former HIT!!! incredible the stage set was surreal, an entire stadium singing along, light show, some new songs with words to the lyrics going across the huge circular screen, late in the show a political message with some world leader speaking to us from the screen, a floating head and all these graphic speaking of one people, we are one, we are the same etc etc....2 encores, final song With or without You....SWEET!!!