Saturday, October 10, 2009

sweet shirtless wrestling....mmmm

haunted haus

so I'm making some extra cash working at a haunted house in the city for the next 4 weekends. last night was the first night, and man I'm beat after getting back at 12 last night and up to volunteer at 9 this morning...
I was made up with white face and black around my features and eyes etc, and wearing some torn up clothes as a costume, and basically it's exactly what you'd imagine. you're hiding around a corner in wait of a group to come through to jump out and scream etc...meanwhile a bunch of noise,smoke machines, screaming and slamming going on all around etc..crazy haunted house music playing loud etc...the usual I guess for a haunted house. i got about every other group coming through pretty good. some groups just sort of stay on the target of getting out of each room, and some are dopey kids jsut going through going hey dude I see you etc...whatever. overall it's pretty exciting and goes by pretty fast.
I'm in a sort of hallway area. today it's finally some sun out here in OKC, i got back from the gym jsut now and am going to chill until I go back up to the park for tonight.
i don't know if I ever mentioned I was trying to move to AR about 4 years ago, and I put a bid on a house there at 140k which I couldn't really afford at the time, but my house never sold here in okc so it didnt' work out.... well anyway, that was pretty much my dream house. Thing is, now the young married couple w kid that bought the place (at 142k), well he was the guy I wrote about a week ago that went "back" to being gay and left his family and went to CA, and then she moved out cause the bank forclosed, now it's going for 95k and it's killing me. but I gave up owning the property long ago, I actually have my marreid bud up there interested in maybe buying it for his little family..... we'll see. my other friends up there are telling me to buy it myself and move up there and get a job etc... nah, I'll stick with okc fer now, thanks.

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summer's over but gym time is year 'round...

interesting or creepy

he's at it again.....

I got a buddy who's abstaining for a while, while seeking self.
his brilliance and poetical sharpness for words, not to mention his pure personal insight are all there as usual. his posts discuss living celibate for a time, a self imposed journey to understanding his motivation heretofore and beyond.
anyway the link is here to Voulez-vous and Tigger too blog
(I'll bite my tongue and not comment on your inclusion of the nickname Tigger here)
what makes it interesting is this is a seriously tall dark handsome versatile dude who could have anyone he wanted, but as we all know it's just not about who you want in bed. . . strive on my friend! look forward to reading your thoughts and seeing what music you want to share.

Monday, October 05, 2009

i'm taking this picture because......

trip on this....

homecoming weekend was pretty cool...

well it's sort of strange going up to my college town 2 weekends in a row. I've decided that maybe with facebook going, there are less people showing up for homecoming now. It seemed like a slow year anyhow, which also could just be the economy.
I was grading freshmen comp papers all last week up until Friday night. I had promised myself I wouldn't leave until they were finished. thus I left for AR Saturday morning and drove on up in time for lunch with my best buddy, the married guy with two pics that I used to make a few passes at way way back in college when we hung out all one no avail...
I love the guy for staying with me all these years I have to say.
went to the big soccer game and talked to maybe 4 or 5 people there I'd graduated with, one of which is this beautiful beautiful tall dark haired slim girl that I"ve loved since college, she comes about every year and is total CLASS. she came over and chatted it up with me a bit about her husband back home and their 4 kids etc... and we talked about the good college times. ha
saturday night was at the house of an ex roomie who I was in his wedding, and who actually knows about my attraction to guys and is so very cool about it, I mean not that it ever comes up but like its cool the way he never asks about me and a gf etc etc.. so he and his wife and another couple I knew from college hung out for quite a while, while their kids ran around outside.
back home first thing to some emails from a few buds in town wanting to "hang out" or "cum by" so to speak. nah, I wasn't in the mood. ha I'm geting into my loner mode this time of year, still trying to figure out what I really want, and really even more than just my sexuality or relationship status, but in the meantime how I am serving God just day to day life. Teaching is pretty fullfilling, knowing I can kid around and get the students to laugh a bit while I'm teaching, and I can give them some encouragement about getting stuff into gear during their freshman year and all.
I was grading all these shared experience essays, and there were a lot of graduation day papers, a few car wrecks, on girl who got a new car when she turned 18 paid by insurance from a car wreck, another girl who was thrown out of her truck and medivac to a hosptial learning to walk again etc, another girl whose fiance died the night they were in a car wreck drunk and arguing leaving a new years eve party last year. the guys wrote about camping trips or sports games or high school pranks, one guys wrote about an attack he survived in Iraq which was actually awesome, and another guy about his service in Korea and being the new guy there. The most personal was this girl who had her second kid and was all alone, actually taking her 2 yr old son with her to the hospital and how he just waited in her room while she went for her c-section. and this other guy who wrote all about when he was 13 and his older sister got pregnant and the brother and sis fought all the time, and then when the baby was born it brought the family together etc... those were the most memorable. two weeks more and I'll have 80 papers to grade again. woosh. still loving the job though, but I look forward to getting back to full time and having some money to spend on my house and travel.