Saturday, September 26, 2009

summers about over... fun while you can

AR weekend

had a good time with my old college buds in AR this weekend. drove up here Fri afternoon, and on the turnpike between OKC and Tulsa I was pulled over by a highway patrol for going 84 mph. I got my wallet to pull out my liscense and while searching I set some things in my lap with my Military ID right on tap. when the guy approached my window and asked for my liscense, I had my finger on in in my wallet and handed it to him then grabbed the stuff in my lap to stuff back in my wallet, and he catches the bait... oh are you military, he asks....I fold up my wallet acting like I'm not sure what he's talking about, and then I say, huh.. oh my id, nah man I was a contractor overseas last year working on such and such air force base etc.. and he starts talking planes and military and what do I think about Obama etc.. I"m sort of nervous from being pulled over in the first place, but hoping getting him into this conversation will help. sure enough he comes back to my window and has me sign the WARNING. and then talks some airplane models which I have no idea what he's talking about, and mention the only one I know C-27s are what the pilots we were teaching ENglish to were going to be flying supposedly.
I drive off, feeling a little guilty that my manipulatic plan sort of worked, by flashing the mil id, i piqued his interest and he let me go with a warning sure enough.
I had lunch with my str8 married college best friend today, and he was going on about this family that put their house up for sell, the house I tried to buy 3 or 4 years ago when I was thinking about moving up here. Well it turns out, he tells me "the guy left to California to be a homosexual, and that aparently he tried not being homosexual anymore, and it didnt' work, in fact the guy was doing homosexual activity while he was married." so it cracked me up he kept using the word homosexual. although I was also shocked the guy was gay, he had just left a job at the Christian college I graduated from here in town also apparently. interesting news.
I'll be driving back home all morning tomorrow. I was feeling a little sickly today after lunch and didn't eat dinner. I have to go back first thing tomorrow morning 'cause I have tons of stuff to grade before Monday morning back to classes at the junior college.... ugh

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

dan's new watch.....

bought the brown watch from Monocle store in LA this morning. just in time for fall, whatever that means. ha

let's play, boys!

nuther weekend

man I'm feeling pretty serious after watching independant lens tonight on pbs all about those who disappeared in the 70's when the military was torturing and killing anyone on the extreme left etc... It just had me thinking about all my former Honduran students and how I see their comments on facebook and updates on the coup taking place there, and one of them I had edited an application essay which he used to get accepted into grad school at John HOpkins, but couldn't go this fall because visas are being denied here for the upper class sending their kids to the US. etc etc. blah
other tv news, season premiere of Heroes tonight. ugh, I"m going to try not to even bother watching, basically they set up a group of bad guys with powers blah blah whatever, man I hope I don't start watching that again serious.
got my first essay turned in from my classes and will spend the next week gradually getting 70 of them graded. there was a teacher whose lung collapsed this morning and my boss asked me if I'd be willing to take over his class if he couldn't come back. works for me, $$$.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

photos used as previous banners.....

just to get it OUT there....

if you haven't read debriefing the boy blog lately. he had something posted recently that had me thinking all weekend. the whole religion/homosexuality thing. the post, titled CHURCH from sep 07, was about going to church lately and how much he enjoys it and how he's taking it all with a grain of salt and keeping an open mind etc...and how it's a "gay church" or gay friendly church or somehting like that. Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about how if I ever came out for real for real to everyone I'd definitely have to live in a much bigger city with just that kind of church around becasue I know I'd miss the worshipping and spiritual food of a good sermon. For now I could for real see myself coming out to family but then only if I were remaining single and not actually living or dating someone. ok I'm moving! ha, nah j/k.
It's been raining for about a week here in okc, so I've been mulling over a lot of stuff in my mind while stuck indoors. for example living single is BORING. Since I don't think I"m going to ever get married I should definitley consider another roomate. I was also getting strung out a bit on having no children.
To you closet married dads that may stop by this blog, whether or not you think you made any mistake living the straight life, you've got KIDS and that is awesome. Somehow I always thought I'd do the gay thing first then eventually be the closet married guy with children. but now sometimes I feel like I would have done the straight card first for real just so I'd have some offspring, obviously not the right choice for a lot of guys but..... and all this week with it getting cooler, I sure would like a wife who could snuggle up next to me for warmth, or watch tv with and have her stroking my head or neck with my new buzz haircut. Not to mention just having another point-of-view for something around the house or life goals in general etc... I guess I could say same for a bf but I don't know, I might be too competitive with guys.
well, no complain and gripe posts. just wanted to get some thoughts out there.
oh about the roomate idea, I went to my bank and found I could refinance from my 30yr to a 15 year and pay $50 less a month!! or I could refi at a 30yr option and pay $187 less! shweet dil, I just have to wait for my second paycheck from the college I'm teaching at that comes in oct. a new roomie's rent would pay more than half of my mortgage. awesome.

are you a pecs or nipple guy?