Saturday, September 05, 2009

Thursday, September 03, 2009


does it matter....?

recycling ART

heard about this blog called RECYCLE LACMA while listening to the Studio 360. And I found what this guy did really interesting. He bought all these textiles at an art auction from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He then proceeded to deconstruct and re-use them making different objects from the various textiles. check out his blog and you'll see the before and after photos. Apparently it caused quite a store in the fashion and art museum world when it comes to ownership of former museum pieces and what becomes of them.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

tshirt shopping?

why not try out Jay McCarrol's website here? What, you're gay and not sure who Jay McCarrol is? well, of course he's the the winner of season one of Project Runway. I like the way this one has the tattoos looking like they line up running across the front of the shirt. ha

hello adam

Monday, August 31, 2009

3rd day as a prof

oh man, what a great day, found my groove going on and on and on to the classes about how I hope to help them to become better writers; we were talking about the 4 areas of writing and their strengths and weaknesses. And now I'll be throwing myself into doing just that. (by the way I"m not at all trying to write perfect on this blog, I'd rather just write informal just so you know!)
If you remember the guy I went to the ANdrew Bird concert with last spring. well he's this 23yo, really really nice looking guy. He knew from my facebook I was working at his college, and found me on facebook this morning when I got out of my last class and said he was in the library, and we ended up meeting at the cafeteria commons and chatted it up while I ate my lunch.
Man that kid is so good looking, he's the typical tall gorgeous model looking guy, but so aloof and with no idea how to use them! ha but he is aware of his looks, he got a super sweet haircut for a photo shoot he had last week or something like that. ha. he's not thin or over muscular just great frame and face etc.. We talked about bikes, and bands, and how he wants to rock climb more, and how he's going to school full time and throwing himself into it, and living with his grandparents, and how he's still working a few concerts now and then on weekends.
Don't get the idea I'm all perving on this guy in any way, because he was part of the class of 8th graders I taught when I first came back to the states from Central America. So I really think of him as a young friend who could use someone to talk to (he's a tad bit socially awkward, but I'm not sure if he's jsut a tad bit slow based on info from his middles school years. man I sound awful). anyway, I like the fact I'm able to encourage him and he's cool with hanging out and chatting it up with an older dude so we're good.
talking about hotties, remember the little wrestler buddy that came up to me last week. today he found me on facebook and added me as a friend. DECLINED! actually I'll just ignore the request for a while, I prefer a policy of not friending anyone currently in any of my classes.
But I might adjust where on facebook you can put people on certain lists of what and who they see on your facebooks. I'm too lazy or disinterested to try and set that up just now though.

----the pics won't enlarge much, they are off of facebook from the wrestler dude's friends list, yeah I was checking it out---------