Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

the batterys down

for any readers who like broadway shows, this youtube channel is a web series all about this guy trying to make it in the broadway business and get a show. Since Monday, I started with episode one and watched all last years shows up to the new season premiere that was just out last month, including all the outtakes.
anyway, you can check it out and subscribe at their "The Battery's Down" channel website here.
Each episode is well produced, filmed, originally written songs, and broadway talent showing up in every episode.

I had just heard about the show from watching a WHATTHEBUCK youtube clip.

not much on...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Manu Chao

just watched this guy perform on Austin City Limits. man I HAVE To get down there one of these years.... I've had this manu chao cd since my days of teaching in central america. talented

i like the part with katie couric

got a job

I'll be an adjunct professor at a local community college this fall, only teaching 3 classes but hey it gets my foot in the door. so I'm pretty excited about starting next Monday and will be going over my books and syllabus all weekend no doubt.

Big C came by last night looking for a hookup I guess. He came by with a friend saying his friend was 12' inches and did I want him to prove it. I basically made a lot of fun polite conversation but in the end declined, ushering them out of my place. just wasn't in the mood, sorry big C and friend.

the good thing about getting work scheduled for this fall is I can get my work out routine back on track and then even plan some more travel once i know what the school calendar is like. right now I'm thinking fall break and thanksgiving break should be NYC or Austin or maybe CHicago for a change. My bud in Tampa said he'd meet me in Tampa so that might be promising...

maybe I posted before, don't remember adn ihave no idea what they're saying but still so cute...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

no job YET.

hey y'all. you know I haven't really done a lot of personal blogging lately. I guess I feel I've covered the whole closet life in OKC thing. and not much is changed there, I had considered coming out to my parents before going to Santa Fe, since they know my austin bud is gay and I'd be with him, and even if they already figured it out, I wanted them to know my whole side etc etc... and not wonder if we're some sort of item and all that, but nah that didn't happen. I sort of just mentioned I'd be going to Texas for the weekend, and then ended up in new mexico for a week and talking to them about the trip later ... .ugh
but someone asked about my job sit.....
I wasn't really aggressive enough last summer in looking for work that I wanted to do. is all I can say right now. I did not get this one really exciting great paying job I interviewed for last week. and then this one school position doing the same thing I used to do didn't work out either. which was really for the better.
I've applied at the local junior college and was offered a few classes, but couldn't accept them until I knew about the interview mentioned above. so now a week later, I have the option of teaching one class this fall which is not going to pay much. However it gets my foot in the door of higher education, which is the direction I've always wanted to go in my field of education.
I am also still researching about overseas work, because I continue to dream and long to travel again somehow someway. also I just love living in different places I've decided. so there's the update...

Monday, August 17, 2009


see this film. it's really interesting. I couldn't get over it during the movie. I kept saying to myself " oh now they're going to...." and proved wrong each time . ha... it kept me guessing and had turns and twists throughout. LOVED IT. dang.

of course I don't get out to movies too much, but tonight I went to the Warren theater here in okc, which is this huge nice theater with balcony seats where you can drink and they bring you your food etc... SO this picture was incredble. the movie begins showing these aliens that were stranded in a spaceship hovering over Johannesburg South Africa. after 20 years they end up living in a shanty town and getting restless, and things are going wrong etc etc... the main guy in charge of replacing them to another "camp" does an excellent job in the role. and the whole idea that they chose south africa as the location ads to the movie. I have to say they do a swell job showing the aliens as non human, the way they act and react for example. It goes along with my whole theory of how we consider what is different or misunderstood is WRONG. The aliens not understanding deception, stopping all action during a shoot out to respect the dead, making a 3 year promise and perhaps keeping it are some ways they may differ than man. Could they be smarter than we think? etc etc....

anyway, as usual the human authority is the bad guy in this movie, and the main character is really thrown right into the middle. it's awesome. check it out and let me know

buddy love....