Saturday, July 25, 2009

vacation begins.......

I'm in a hotel room in Carlsbad NM. We are getting up tomorrow morning to see the Carlsbad Caverns.. woot woot. and then on to Santa Fe and vacation continues into all of next week there.
arrived yesterday morning into Austin and non stop adventure... went toobing down the river in San Marcos and then back for a quick change and then a downtown cocktail party at this guys apt at the Monarch ( I may have been one of the younger ones there but still fun and great view of austin). He has a LGstyle magazine in Austin and they were celebrating a new job for his bf in Boston.... anyway, I'm going to go out to the pool for a while before dinner.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

big n hot

south bound

getting packed up tonight since I'll be setting up some timers and soaker hoses around the house and doing final packing since I work at 2pm til close. leaving EARLY morning Fri. went to the mall this morning and it's been a while. went to all places suggested and ended up getting some nice sensible brown Rockport dress shoes. I even took the pants from my grey suit with me to check the match. anyway, I'll prolly end up getting some loafers as soon as I'm fully employed again. I spent some birthday money from my folks and godmother and bought some Vibram five finger shoes. they feel AWESOME and I can't wait to wear 'em out tubing in San Marcos Friday.
speaking of Birthdays, thanks for the wishes that I recieved from readers. Yup, I celebrated another big year last weekend and had dinner with my folks last night since I worked all weekend. I was just considering last year on base when I went out for my birthday with all the military guys I's usually sit with in the mess hall. that was a lot of fun, but seeing as how there are less single buds around OKC... I had a great time with the folks though, nothing like being home for real. I remember how is was so far away a year ago.,

BIG THANKS TO B. from TN !!!!! I half jokingly posted about my wishlist under daninokc on amazon, and THANKS TONS ,B , for sending me the books, completely generous and thoughtful of you to think of me and my birthday, CHEERS!!!. was an awesome gift, and I plan to read the Sedaris book while on the road trip to NM next weekend. Another book I'll be reading is from my parents, "Hands of My Father," which I'll be reading at some point sitting around in NM during our stay there etc..

ok now I better cut this short and get to posting something a little more exciting like PICS.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

anyone want to offer their fashion 2 cents...

I'm leaving for Austin Friday morning. there will be river tubing in San Marcos that day, and then my bud said we are going to an "informal cocktail party" that night. It's at The Monarch, which are these new high rise apartments downtown Austin, so I doubt the bunch of gay dudes at the party are going to be all that casual.
ok ok ok, so anyway, I want to buy some brown dress shoes, a valid purchase as I have none at the moment, only black.
I saw two pair at the mall today, a Calvin Klein plain brown loafer. ANd the other choice is a lace up brown leather Rockport with a long sort of squared toe.
any suggestions? keep in mind I"m the shopper that wants to buy something understated but looks good and not just wear as a trend. the thing is the loafer seems to be a summer shoe only no? and the lace up seems more versatile for dressing up or down with jeans, or maybe that's the same with the loafer.
all right so I'm just throwing it out there.
We are leaving Saturday morning for a ROad trip to Santa Fe NM. should be some fun, although I'm also trying to plan/pack what suit, shirt, and tie and shoe to wear, I think there is an opera date involved.... ugh.

Monday, July 20, 2009

anyone else like Conner?..... mmm

long weekendd...

man I had a blast up in Arkansas last week. I was walking around the main street in the little college town I used to live in and kept running into people I know there. from college that stayed in town or just people from when I lived there 7 years. I stopped into see my closest friends and had lunch again Friday with my best bud J. We went to his place and napped a bit on the couch while watching "Life Aquatic w/ Steve Zissou". ( If I were the kind to buy up dvd's and have a movie collection, they would include all early Woody Allen films and Wes Anderson films!) Although I planned to leave at 3 pm after seeing H downtown, she convinced me to stay for dinner with her and her husband, K, my ex college roomie. I"m glad I did, I found out he has some art selling at a gallery event in California last weekend and also their boy is about 3 now and was cracking me up at while we ate at Pizza Hut. I ended up getting back to OKC at 10pm.
Then the marathon weekend started, Volunteered downtown okc Saturday morning til 1pm, then to the gym to make up arm day, ha, home for lunch, then met a girl I knew in college who was in town from her job in Palau. We caught up at Borders bookstore for about an hour, then I had to be at my summer part time job by 5 to close. Sunday morning I opened up the park working from 8 to 4pm and then came home and mowed and then ran errands to Lowes to buy sprinklers and hose repair stuff. I'm getting everything sorted out with timers around my house since I'll be gona all next week to NM.
It's a good Monday morning. I slept in on purpose instead of my usual 7 am swim, and plan to get out and paint the picket fence in the backyard a bit this morning, clean up the house "cause I want to come back to it picked up not looking ransacked from packing, and then lunch, gym, work etc etc.
hope all had an awesome weekend....