Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

hot outside...?

dan's in arkansas

drove up to see my buddies in NW Arkansas while I had two days off. going back tonight to OKC.
arrived before lunch yesterday to meet the friend I saw in Dakar Senegal last Oct. we had lunch and then I went over to my best buddy J's house. He and his wife just had their 2nd daughter. So I played with the 2 y/o and had some dinner which was brought over by someone in their church group.
drove over to my ex gf place next and then we took a walk aroudn mainstreet downtown near where she lives, then to a coffee shop for some drinks and eats. got to my ex roomie and wife's house to crash after that.
Hung out with them this morning then met J for lunch and walked around downtown some more, going into some of the shops and saying hey to some old college buds still in town working various places. TOnight I'll be going to another ex roomie's house for dinner before driving back to okc. that's about it for my getting out of town to Arkansas, not too much excitement just the usual hanging out, although the weather was awesome here and a lot cooler than okc. back tomorrow for volunteer work sat morning, and then working the rest of the weekend. blah.
has anyone checked out the oneandother site yet?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One & from london..

called a friend in AR today and we ended up watching a live performance from London while online and talking on the phone. ha.

Well it's pretty cool at this website, One & Other. They have someone performing every hour for 24 hours for 100 days. ahh yeah!! so right now I'm watching some lady in Trafalgar square who's up on the fourth plinth and singing while the sun is going down and a crowd gather on the ground below. you know I'm a complete anglophile, right?

check it out if interested, the performances are various and random...

and somebody tell me, What WOULD YOU DO for an hour up on the plinth in Trafalgar square....?? huh?

Monday, July 13, 2009


got a letter in the mail today from an Exploration Company that said they've been drilling nearby and it turns out I own the rights to minerals under my property etc etc. Anyway I have some money that's been holding in suspense and need to claim it. Cool, so I have the royalty rights to anything in the future from the well, shoudl be interesting although I only have a 3/ten thousandth percent that I get of it. ha, still was fun good news.

I went immediately online to consider buying some swim trunks. It's because I'm crazy about Monocle magazine, and they have their own swim trunks, which are $180. which is insane and stupid and I don't even know why I'm mentioning it on this blog. I was surfing around and thought I'm not sure if I'd actually even like the all black ones, or just go to the real brand site and buy the blue or Hawaiian style. Thing is, my Austin bud told me today that if I can fly down earlier than i'd planned we can to some tubing in san marcos. so I'm considering about chainging my southwest flight, but not sure if I want to pay the extra 30 bucks... hmm

BTW, since I'm not yet steadily employed, that check from the drilling company is going straight to the BANK!

blogger shout out.

And then for you closet gay bloggers who like to read about guys considering coming out, I thought this blog called "the Sticking Place" might appeal to those guys newly dealing with sort of coming out and begining to experience the "gay world" and thoughts about it, etc.. check it out if interested and leave some comment love to the bloggers.