Wednesday, July 01, 2009

back day yesterday

was a good workout, and even better cause this one tall guy buzzed his hair and last week started bringing a shorter stockier workout buddy. except I kind of hate how they talk across the floor with their conversation like they're the only ones in there. but anyway, the talkative younger blond guy, who I swear checked me out before in the locker room. I mean checked me out in a way that makes you think..hmm I don't think he realizes he's gay yet. ha. anyway, he is always changing up and we catch each other sometimes coming and going but I like getting naked and changing or towelling off cause I can be a show off like that sometimes. but anyway, yesterday he's moved up to wearing a towell and going for a steam before heading home. and thats a good step. sooner or later I'm hoping to get a glimpse. well because I'm like that sometimes wanting to get a peek. ha
I have a trip planned to New Mexico the last week of July. we're going to Santa Fe. It's a road trip from Austin TX. should be interesting.
for now I"m just stumbling through summer, searching out for jobs that I might be intersted and trying to decided exactly what kind of job I want to do at this point in life.. sigh. I applied at some junior colleges so far and tomorrow I think I'm going to apply at the state department for an opening there. good experience to interview whether I'm the right fit or not.
NO action at all much this summer. nothing, but I"m all right. I got a bud who just finished 5 years in the Air Force over in germany. I've mentioned him before how he got all the guys he wanted over there. I mean at straight bars, he'd get action from some hot drunk dudes. they are so much more free-er over there apparently. so we plan to catch up this weekend and it will be nice to have another gay buddy in town to hang with.(other than you S buddy ole pal if you reading this).

I'm not sure why no one is reporting about the majority who support the government in Honduras and wishes the world community can see he is not wanted.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

face off

somebody pick a winner...

Monday, June 29, 2009

I think I love you.....

as a kid I loved this song on one my mom's old partridge family records, and I remember thinking how the words could fit for a guy liking a guy etc and the tune is sort of mysterious or secret sounding during the verse... anyway this would be a cool song to hear updated, although I like the rocking partridge family.

NPR gay radio...

a lot of radio time on gay issues on NPR lately, maybe since June has been designated Gay pride month. but I thought I'd post on this for anyone who missed.
first of all, here's the link for listening to the podcast about Why is it ok to say "that's so gay" an interesting commentary on who uses the phrase and who should or shouldn't say it. Basically I felt like it't ok for homosexuals only to use the word....sort of like only African Americans use the N word, if that makes sense. It's basically just a steretype to call anything gay, I mean it's WHO YOU LONG TO SLEEP WITH that makes you gay, nothing more, nothing else, no other identifying factor...but of course the stereotypes endure. I think that should change, on the other hand I think there are gay guys who LOVE being set apart as different and like being and doing all those stereotypes... not sure.
Next link, here is an article on the GAY GENERATION GAP from NYtimes. This podcast also from NPR.....about the difference between those who fought the whole stonewall thing in NYC and the younger generation today, both having grown up in completley different non-gay friendly environments.

different news all day

there are a lot of opinions on what's happening in Honduras. most of the people and country are glad to be rid of him, be it a mostly elite government. Here's a link to a Wall Street Journal article supporting the Govt ousting Zelaya. ALthough Obama has not really taken a stand, I believe it's wise to remain silent, otherwise Chavez would just use it as ammo to mouth off on the US.

former president of Honduras is ousted....

This guy runs with Chavez and Castro and was trying to change the constitution to keep being president. His own party was against him, congress, military etc......US and Chavez both expect him to be reinstated so it should be interesting to see the outcome.
NPR has an article online here.
New York Times article here on Honduras today

summer so hot