Thursday, June 04, 2009

some sort of boxing

I don't know, remember the younger blond guy that was chatting me up a few weeks ago, he was a tthe gym again today and we had a conversation while I was on my way out and he was getting ready to start, anyway, I asked him about the boxing training and he talked about some tournament, and then said it's some other style of fighting not really boxing. whatever , anyway he got a cut in his mouth a week ago and I said is that cause of his braces ( no he's not in highschool he's college age), and he said no he wears a mouthguard, and then he explained what happened but at that point I was staring into his eyes while listening and thinking do you see me staring into your eyes.. then I got bored with whatever he kept on talking about as I was obviously on my way to the door with my bag on my shouder and he kept talking. ha
Just got back from a thing in Norman and I turned on PBS and saw Austin City Limits on tv with Sufjan Stevens performing live. wow I like the sound, and it's so good live, so of course I just went over to itunes and bought an album to check out all day tomorrow over and over....

I chose this one just for you Justin...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

summer is ON

back day at gym today, I'm trying to ge tmy back to grow so that i can increase the weight I work out with before increasing my chest weights if that makes sense. cute guys at gym today, as in only 2 other guys and me on the floor for a while... ha summer slowdown I guess.
I work out better if there is at least one hot guy on the floor or I lose all motivation to stick around, anyone else have that?
I'm swimming every morning again, feels excellent. working at the water park this summer to help pay the bills, and I'm waiting to hear from a school I applied at for the same position I had at the rival school over...etc... blah
anyway, it is really nice to just enjoy being near family and in my house this summer after being overseas a year ago. I've killed some of my free time online, checking out manhunt and a4a. but I never know what to say on there anyway, bunch of guys wanting to HOOK IT UP. Not like I've never done that but sometimes it's just nice to actually meet guys chatting and then maybe in person a few times before HOOKING IT UP. bars don't seem to work in OKC since we're not that huge and what with internet and all, who needs a bar, as lazy ass as we guys are etc
I AM going to Washington DC in a couple of weeks, and looking forward to it...about 5 days there staying with some former students from when I taught in Central America. Two guys now graduated from college and one manages an A&F and another works at SMithsonian. They're gonna show me around and I'm looking forward to catching up with them all. I taught them both in 7th and 8th grade, and haven't seen 'em since their high school graduation.
gym pet peeve yesterday when this hot kid that works out all the time brought his fat girlfriend to stand aroudn and watch while he's working out. go home girl!... my other pet peeves are heavy grunting,, dropping weights and cursing on the gym floor, a guys only weight with some heavy weight lifters is one thing, but not the communtiy gym.
DOn't forget my other major pet peeve is guys who work upper body only, get those legs too men!

Monday, June 01, 2009

more bulges on my closet gay blog

i need some sort of "_______when wet" comment on that first photo.......