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you know nothing....

"well all right, I've had to adjust..."

Sunday, May 24, 2009

my ex roomie

well, do you remember the black guy that used to come by my place now and then, from the college close by, he used to play football there .... well any we'll call him big C. I met him at the gym about 2 or 3 years ago and somehow we connected and then he'd call or randomly come by now and then. well while I was away he came by here looking for me and found the roomie instead. so tonight he comes by knocking on my door, and we haven't seen each other in over a year since before I was gone overseas... ha . I asked him if he'd ever come by and talked to the roomie, and he said yes a couple times. and I said what about did you ever come in and hang with him or get anything going?!?!?! and I'm all excited wanting to hear.

and he says' no....only talked to him at the door a few times is all. big C came by a few other times and my roomie wouldn't answer the door. and then he said he'd walk by sometimes and could see throught the window and my roomie was inside just going at it, stroking it away in the front room with his computer set up next to his lazboy etc etc..saying he'd see him going at it, and one time he was gettin gup and walking aorund the house afterwards with cum all over his nuts afterward. we discussed how hot his ass looked, what I used to see through his gym shorts but big C got a full show. dang.

well big C left a message or two on my machine after I'd left a year ago, and he says my roomie texted him a few times about me being gone, and then other times sort of conversationally after big C texted he was the same guy who'd come by a few we are now wondering if there is a bit of a hint that just maybe mabye the guy could have a curious side ha ha, doesn't hurt to wonder.

anyway, I told big C to start texting him again and see what he could get going and all that. I told him he should have come over and gotten inside and hung out and tried to get to my exroomie. he laughed and said yeah he just never could tell. I said well the guy was jerking it regularly everynight, he could maybe be in the mood for a little something... can't wait to hear from big c about if they start texting it up again..

good memorial weekend everybody. let me know what you are up to out there.....