Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

globe trekker food hour

I'm watching this show on PBS tonight and the host in Yucatan MExico is a hottie blond dude. Tyler FLorence! NICE, something bout them high cheek bones on that stud get me going., wish I were along in Mexico translating with him and trying out some of the food.


been super busy lately with work and life stuff.
there was an opening at a school near my old job for the same sort of position.
so I applied and Monday and am just WAITING for a call. ha ha. we'll see.
the thing is, I've been in such a limbo state of mind, what with not having the steady job just yet. my teaching sub job will be over in a WEEK!!! (YES YES YES)
I'm sort of hoping to get the next step figured out soon so I don't just wander through the summer without knowing where I"m living working doing etc...
ALL is good though in the immediate future, I am taking my sisters to see Lion King friday night this week. and then a nice LONG weekend is coming up. I'm considering going to Dallas or AR or maybe just stay put. blah
I worked out arms today and you know how I love arm day, they just get so pumped up right after, I like the way they rub into my back when I'm moving around afterwards, and then an hour later.....gone... ha
highlight this week was IDOL and Kris and Adam. both are winners as I see it.
had a "bud" in town this week wanting to swing by tonight but I wasn't up for it. would rather just hang loose and relax some...
I think I"M going to step it up a notch this summer and do a bit of creatine/glutamine. for about a month just to get it kicking and past the plateau I think I'm in....
not too much more to say, other than I was going to post a while back about all the backlash on Miss California, I was so OVER it and then it just dragged on and on like a dead horse...

Monday, May 18, 2009