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great tour last week...

went on a bus tour in okc of buildings photographed by Julius Shuman. These are some of the pics from the tour. A pic of the original Capitol Bank, Architect Robert Roloff, on N lincoln which is now an Arvest bank with the glass walls closed in. We rode the round bench elevator inside which goes down to the deposit boxes under the bank. They don't use it anymore but we got to ride down for the sake of the tour. Another stop was the St. Patrick cathedral, Murray Jones Murray with Candela and these guys were just 30 beginning their architect career... just west of N. 19th and Portland. It's a box of cement walls with a glass walled church inside....and then another stop was in Norman, the Bavinger house by Bruce Goff which was built in a sort of Logarithmic spiral in stone, with the rooms inside suspended like pods. far out stuff.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

iphone guys

a friend shared a link with me of a site that has all self pics done with iphones. now I"m sharing these with you readers.

short and nice