Friday, April 10, 2009

were there tornadoes in Oklahoma on THurs...

actually we had an evening full of extreme winds blowing a fire around west of OKC. it was on the news ALL night long on every channel, as all the tv stations try to outdo each other in the city for first news.
and also tornadoes near the ARkansas border last night. crazy weather for sure. destroying a few homes.
Many houses burned down near Midwest City and choctaw as they fought to contain the fire last night, this morning the news was all about the houses lost both from fire and tornadoes. sheesh.

At work, I made it through today, and my 3rd week of 6th graders now that I think about it. Man oh man, those kids had me hating the career I chose and convinced I'd never be happy being a classroom teacher again (not because it was out of control or anything, just my own perfect expectations of running the classroom sometimes, and it was really just one class not all of 'em), but today was all so better, a few detentions handed out in that one restless class full of IEP kids, and they were better. I ended all classes on a good note, and even had all my grades in the computer, now it's all about getting the absent kids' work turned in blah.
family times this weekend, and singing at the church service for good Friday tonight and again Sunday.
lot's of yardwork tomorrow on Saturday,and volunteering downtown again this week. I'm going to contact a gay couple tomorrow, one of the guys I know from the gym for a while now and we're supposed to hang tomorrow night. had a friend come over last weekend and my throats been sore all week but I'm blaming that on my allergies not my nicely HUNG friend. ;)

more wrestling

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

summer's around the corner....

mel and mike, their story....

If you get a chance to listen to Terry Gross's Fresh Air radio show today, it's a really good one. Mel and Mike, a son and dad team that were on Amazing Race, but they have an interesting story about how the the dad is a gay preacher who grew up dealing with the whole thing and actually trying shock therapy at one point. at the NPR website here for the broadcast, read about it and/or listen to the podcast.....if interested..

Monday, April 06, 2009

in case you missed snl .....

Through my eyes....

was checking out this gay Christian website called Gay Christian Network, and they have a new film out, a documentary about being Christian and gay. anyway I thought I'd post the trailer.
I love this site because they are accepting of both sides, those who accept being gay and having relationships, and those who accept being gay and don't.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

travel safe

THere was a federal agent who came to our church tonight and gave a seminar on safe travel which was extrememly interesting up to 2.5 hours into the talk, and then I thought to myself I hadn't realized this was also going to include surviving a kidnapping or hostage situation.
But he gave some very excellent tips and statistics. for example suriviving a plane crash by keeping low, always choosing the exit row, and if not then a window seat. and to always sit with your arms crossed hands tucked in during lift off and landing, and keep your feet below you and not in front of the seat of you. THis is to keep you from breaking your arms or legs, since you can't undo your belt with your elbows. He also mentioned NEVER wear flip flops or sandals or shorts on the plane, always long sleeve and pants of cotton to protect from burns.
good stuff. I'll blog about hotel room safety another time.
I hadn't expected it going 3 hours. but some video footage was included about terrorists groups in Phillipines and a hostage taken once in Ecuador.
survived the weekend overall, getting ready to crash and rest up for another week of work. I ran into the Army nurse mentioned LONG ago that I met in the steamroom at the YMCA and later met up with a couple times during seperate visits to Austin while he lived there. He's back in OKC now. so we'll see... he's on my facebook and I have his cell number....
found these shorts online at JCrew and am considering... I like the neutral grey and then I like the fish compared to other things they've had on their shorts and pants like lobsters or anchors. how gay! ha ha