Saturday, March 28, 2009


if only I lived in NYC where I could actually shop me some Burkman Bros.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

march school

so a kid crapped his pants monday and had to go call his mom to come bring him change of clothes, taught about microbial fuel cells tuesday and asking what they know about yeast, and some kid says is that like a yeast infection? and I say, no it's like yeast you use when baking bread, nurse came in to all my classes wednesday and spoke on HIV/AIDS, also I had two girls ask to go to the counselors cause kids were calling them strippers and hookers --this was because during spring break they both sent a topless picture to another 6th grade boy, one girl left her bra on the other didn't. so of course all parents were told and teachers were asked to stop any name calling or discussion in class about that between students. and today it was all about the Van Da Graaff generator hands on activity.

so a pretty eventful week, and overall it's really fulfilling doing what I love doing teaching and motivating and encouraging and sometimes just listening to KIDS. and with 6th gradeers, man! they are talkers when given a chance.

I'm not too excited about this weekend since we're supposed to get more than 4 inches of snow tomorrow evening. ha. I've also got to kick it into gear for teaching overseas next year. lately I'm researching Uruguay.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


well I've already made more this month in stocks than I did substituting. woot woot for stocks going up a little. of course I realize they can go down and up and back and forth, but I feel good about getting in while they were low with some of my savings from last year, and then I have to remind myself its all for long term.... but it's still sort of fun to check each day and see what's going on.

man I LOVE being back in a regular classroom daily, my first time with 6th graders and they are all so sweet, they are just on the cusp of growing into attitudinal 7th grade middle school kids. man, I'm just amazed that I can lower my voice instead of yelling threaten a few detentions and wham, silence. this all holds true but for the last hour of the day...which I'm sort of getting a feel for after two days, the two most rowdy kids in there are like a younger version of those guys in Knocked Up.

really good episode of Heroes this week, anyone want to comment is the ice girl dead or not?, cause her face made a wink. also I have a theory that at some point Peter will touch Sylar and gain all his powers and they'll duke it out at the end so to speak. blah

I worked out shoulders today, I stopped taking the Glutamine tablets a few months ago, but have continued to gain weight go figure. I'm finally up to and just over a body weight of 170 consistently. I can remember being 150 and thinking if I could just make 160 and 170 would be a dream. so reaching 170 is funny cause now I'm thinking... hmm maybe 180 would be cool. I upped the weight on my chest day but decided to hold off a bit until I upped my workouts on back and shoulders. oh also my leg workouts have increased a bit. so all good. I decided to put my arm days together, bi's and tri's instead of seperate. and I have shoulder and back day seperate, this is the area I really want to grow in. Leg day is so important because working out that huge muscle group kicks into gear chemicals in your body that helps all muscles grow. remember that, anyone reading, you must work out all areas. I know I've mentioned my pet peeve before guys who work only upper body. DOn't do it. I;m a skinny guy and have no calves to speak of but I am trying to get them legs and butt to grow! ahh yeah

it also cracks me up that I've been drinking only water this year except a few beers here and there and choclate milk with school llunches. also eating smaller meals daily, and NO treats, chocolate sugar ANTHING... except the chocolate chips I put on my pbj sandwiches. so anyway, all that and still I'm gaining from the workouts. maybe it's the 3 scrambled eggs sans 2 yolks every morning for if I could jsut get my abs to be as tight as they were in college when I was that skinny guy trying to reach 150 and I'd be happy.