Saturday, March 21, 2009


manly truck man

all right big stud,now make him your bitch. ha ha

I'll stick with my Ford Ranger, no need to compensate here...


I thought I'd go ahead and include this site to my link list on the right.
I'm always seeing some interesting articles posted up there about the lgbt world. and they have tons of links to other articles/issues/news etc... This recent article on gay athletes was pretty cool.
check it out at

Friday, March 20, 2009

spring break ends

busy week, was downtown both today and yesterday, and at the gym......hmmm there's a reason I stick to my gym on the west side of town nowadays. but there was definitely some interest brewing in the lockeroom today with this one fella who I know is works in the capitol somewhere... alas.
I worked out my shoulders today and then went to a meeting/dinner at 6.
so what do you do when you forget your briefs at the gym? today i stripped down and then couldn't find my briefs to put on, I didn't want to wear the boxer briefs I already had on because I had to go to that thing straight from the gym, so instead I just went with the gym shorts only, I didn't run on the treadmill instead just some eliptical machine for a quick warm up, and from there, well I felt pretty free.....I wanted to see a movie tonight but instead will go sat. I plan to see "love ya man" this weekend, it looks really good from all the hype on tv with jason seagal making all the rounds on the talk shows.
so would you go commando at the gym, or would you abort and just go back home?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

hot jock love

the top left guy in the first pic on top is my fave, and more pics of him coming up.....

spring break

so far so good. usually I'm aching to get out of okc at spring break time. and this year I actually had considered getting out of town to either austin or arkansas, (gay friend in austin - str8 college buds in arkansas). I guess I travelled enough last year that I'm good for now in one place, not all that restless. also with subbing it's on and off every week so not like I've been working non stop. Ive really enjoyed the awesome weather here i okc. and Tuesday night went to Tulsa for ANdrew Bird in Concert at the Cains ballroom. that was extremely aweomse. was there with a friend from when I taught at my old highschool, the dude is 6'2 and 22 and HOT, but like I could'nt even think of him as gay for one second, that's how I am about former students. the cool thing is we both wanted to see the show so ended up going together and talked non stop the way there and back, mainly about bands and what he wants to do in life and what I already had etc.. blah
andrew bird show was amazing, the guy is extrememly talented, up on stage doing his guitar, violin, singing, whistling, foor pedal to some sort of sampler recording what he's doing, and then a xylophone at times. Cains is such an awesome venue. We had walked around downtown tulsa before the show, many cool buildings there, and many people walking towards the new performance center for the billy joel/elton john show going on the same night.
today and tomorrow I'm volunteering downtown directing people to a survey on a laptop, should be fun, tomorrow night I have a dinner with a sort of gardening club. (yes, I'm gay). and this weekend resting up for starting my new job, permanently subbing a 6th grade science class for the rest of the school year. woot woot.
oh and I shaved my beard, so maybe some fun this weekend... ahh yeah

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i love the guy who is holding his glass and goes to a full hand grasp. ha !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


there was a good story on NPR yesterday , all things considered, that you can read about here.
This guy takes youtube clips and mixes 'em all together in one video. It's pretty cool and creative, and man I like anything cool and creative definitely. check it out......

the guys name is Kutiam and his website is here at Thru-You.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Passing Fancy, he's OUT

make sure to go by my good friend and fellow blogger's blog, Passing Fancy for his latest posts.(link on the right -->) He continues to write about the experience of coming out and divorce and life issues, in fact is also writing a book regarding the experience.
You can check out his profile on facebook here; New Facebook Profile.
go give this extremely handsome individual some LOVE.....

ahhh fatigues....

the suburban is gone

yeah my ex roomie came in the dark of night last night at some point, and when I woke up this morning I walked up to my truck and noticed this big wide space by the fence behind my carport, and sure enough it was just, GONE! ha ha
anyway, I emailed him last week saying I'd like it gone by end of spring break or it'd be towed. so that's taken care of...finally some closure. but man I miss that guy walking around with nothing but gym shorts on, and I mean nothing but gym short...mmmm. I am constantly balancing in my mind was seeing that guy living here worth all the crap of when he moved out while i was overseas.......sigh.

anyway, an excellent weekend here in okc, had an awesome dinner friday night with S. at the Iguana grill near downtown n. broadway. serously good food. next we saw the "race to witch mountain." simple disney flick but oh the ROck!!
saturday I volunteered downtown and saw tons of people in town from Iowa, missouri, kansas, baylor, etc etc. good lunch at the Cafe do Brazil, and then home for some yardwork. lunch with the parents today after church at IHOP. that's about it. I currently have a beard going so when my regular buddy called me today I had to decline. i don't play around when the beard is on, so yeah that means a month without already...