Saturday, January 10, 2009

you leave in the morning with everything you own in a little black case

your mother will never understand why you had to leave, but the answers you seek will never be found at home....

cammer time

Thursday, January 08, 2009

no good for OU this year... ahh well......

game SUCKED, ahh well, was a good season overall...

I have been signing up all night for a job fair in Boston next month. weird thing is I'm not completely set on going overseas next fall for teaching just yet. BUT I want the experience of at least going and interviewing and seeing just what kind of jobs are out there so I'm going for it. Never been to Boston so you can be looking for a post in about a month for tips of things to do in Boston. I have to get the registration figured out then get a hotel room and flight right away.

going to see my college buds this weekend in AR for a big get together of "the guys". one of 'em is visiting from Sudan where he works rebuilding churches and the other one came down from chicago. should be an interesting weekend. they are the same guys who graduation night all the guys were doing shots in this back room at the end of the party and these two guys were so drunk one of licked the salt off the other guys dick before drinking his shot of tequila. also the same guy who speaks to me constantly about "how I'm doing with the gay thing" etc etc.

life is freaky for me right now until I know what my career step is. GOOD news is I got my W2 from last year and if I get a total refund I will be be getting a good amount of $$ to put back into the bank!! ahh yeah.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

still got game...

yup, today went to my old gym downtown. I have to go for legs there I've decided, the gym near my home is great and fine for everything but leg day. so I quit going downtown because the cruisy locker room and steamroom used to get on my nerves, it's all the same old guys in there always, and when I returned to the states I decided to go to the one near my house since I"m not driving to my night job in the direction of downtown anymore.
today, while warming up I noticed this guy, and then later noticed him checking me out a bit while I walked across the floor from the cardio to the weights, he was on a machine by then, and while I was stretching and doing abs, he came over and stretched sort of behind me while I went into blind oblivious mode ( my hard-to-get I'm not looking at you strategy.... i know lame). then while doing weights i checked him out a few times and noticed him checking me out, etc etc blah. ... but it wasn't full ON until he was leaving and on the other side of the window in the lobby texting or something, and I'd look at him just long enough til he glanced my way then I looked away, and then after a set on a leg curl machine, i stood up and saw him texting facing my direction, and I stoof and adjusted myself for quite a while. then before my next set glanced his way at which point he caught my look and immediately looked back at his phone. ha
and then we caught eyes as he was walking out, and then I looked back one more time as he had the door open and yup, he was looking at me. . ha ha. that was funny. so it will be intersting if i ever run into him in okc. which is highly likely serious, you wouldn't believe how small it can be in this town.
I know you get tired of reading these little flirt stories and one-date meetups and skipouts, but that's my slow slow style at this point, and I guess I just don't know what I want at this point, or perhaps I want something too picky above my level, but I will say this guy looked really good, the kind I'd actually go out with a few times if he called me. serious. but I have to network a bit more on who he was, and give it some time, cause he was sort of goodlooking and familiar looking like either he's a newscaster or a politician. he had a sort of je ne sais quoi about him. for some reason he looked familiar like that. dark hair all worked out and in my age range... hmm. good thing I"m at that gym once a week for legs. ha

Monday, January 05, 2009

looka dat cute boy

for your entertainment, a rant from craigs in okc

"Leave it to a few Gay men to think they know more than the General Public..., Sometimes I am embarassed especially since I like sleeping with men. Anytime another gay man tries to express his personal opinion against this lifestyle where all gay men think about is scoring and finding dick after dick to suck or take deep inside their diseased ridden cavity.

I find it really sickening that so many of my Gay Friends want to be in the front of any protest against gay marriage, demanding their rights to be happily married out in the open; but when these same friends get the chance they are in the back alleys sucking cock or they mastrbate in the bushes in a public parks, suck cock in a shopping mall bathrooms,cruise/loiter at airports ,at their local home depot, neighborhood casino, or college campus. They show up half naked, in Trosper Park, Lake Hefner, and highway rest stops, while their other half is hard at work, thinking his SPOUSE is faithful because he is married to the MAN OF HIS DREAM (usally its the bride in most cases cheating on his husband) is busy at their home tending to the kids (usually 2 precious lil lap dogs)preparing his meals! When actually the loving spouse is out responding to ads on Craigslist or Home Hosting if and whenever he can.

Both of them, fought for equal rights to inherit,(which is funny because most gay marriages won't last 6 months because of infidelity)They fought to make major medical decisions, incase of an illness and they fought to enjoy what they preceive is their GOD GIVEN EQUAL RIGHTS.

When are Gay men going to wake up and see; when will gay men understand why the majority of "straight" people along with a growing group of gay men find the life style of rampant unprotected, insensitve self serving sexual encounters disgusting.

Gay men blame everyone who isnt gay friendly or gay tolerate for them not having EQUAL RIGHTS - and they call them Haters!

They label these people insensitive, non-caring, non accepting. They Flag any postings by a gay brother which tries to educate, evoke discussion and invites replies and responses! They say take it to Rant and Raves...we both know few if any Pervert is going to read Rants and Raves (they don't allow posting of fake genitalia pictures)

You can't go on blaming anyone including a Mormom believer, or a gay man like myself for not following your lead or for not accepting your choice for a lifestyle:

When you for one are might just be a two-faced, promiscuous,lewd and lacivious backstabing flagging bitch!

Demanding that other non participating or unaccepting gay person be silenced or flagged for speaking out and against public masturbation, oral/anal sex in back alleyways, indecent exposure at public events, and rampant unprotected sex isn't a Right that you deserve what you deserve is what you get!

Wake up take alook around you and see people dying, Gay Teens being victimized, killed, living on the Streets ...why because they were victims of those Flaggers who think their behavior is the Cat's Meow!

Gay Penn"

(I am not promoting this in anyway, just posting because it interests me the way that some gay men see others, the differences and variances of what everyone considers the same gay lifestyle. this guy is obviously pretty peeved off and bitter about something. but anyway, just posting for the randomness of it...of course NO not every gay man is like what you find on craigslist, or a bear convention, or a pride parade, or Massachusetts wedding hall, or a SPLASH weekend in Austin, or a hairstylist convention, or a Cher concert, or a barracks in Iraq, police department, school, office, etc etc etc etc...granted the male on male sexual willingness is a bit stronger perhaps, but i think gay men are just as different ..., same as the str8 guys that sleep unsafe and unproteced don't represent the entire straight community. this rant expects some real pure perfection I guess, which is impossible. indeed as the gay community should be considered equal, well then why not be allowed the same faults and sexual choices good or bad anyone else would make, its not gay its human...etc etc..)

school of seven bells

Sunday, January 04, 2009

some 3 somes

the third pic down is my extreme favorite, all I can think about is the two on the left going inside for a drink and then getting handsy in the kitchen, the dialogue is something like " man you been working out", or lets say they are changing out of the swimwear in a room somwhere and the other dude is outside or gone, and while they change a dialogue ensues with some more helping hands yadda yadda, you get the drift....

bareback porn

Austin public radio show "OutCast" had an interesting interview with a "rising star of bareback porn" which seems sort of a contradictory phrase the first time I read it. but anyway, For those of you that remember the time I went to NYC and mentioned meeting a friend for a broadway show, yup that's the guy. well my AUstin bud had him (also his ex boyfriend) on as a guest for a discussion of the gay porn industry which was somewhat insightful although brief interview.
You can listen to the podcast at their website here OUTCAST, just look for the Dec 28th broadcast.
I used to link to a guy in FLorida's blog "what the..." who you could tell was a really really sweet hearted guy, he blogged all about finding out he was HIV+ and how to live with that, and how to date with that, etc... his mom died, and he would blog all about his family troubles, health and workouts and his job etc... was great stuff. the reason I mention it is that he finally gave up blogging because of some stalkers and ex friends that found his blog, then he started up again with some updates, then next thing I know he becomes a porn star, named Nick something. he had a link up to his porn star site for a while, and then last I checked the first blog was GONE.
I couldnt' help but wonder if it was personal choice or if the industry maybe did'nt want a public site up about him being HIV+. Surely it's not a mystery that some of the hot older men in porn just MAYBE are HIV+ and on some meds that help them grow so huge. any thoughts on this?
regardless I miss reading his blog and have removed the link.