Saturday, November 28, 2009


saw the new Wes Anderson movie today, "Fantastic Mr. Fox", really enjoyed every scene moment word etc... well done. Of course I'm a wes Anderson fan to begin with ever since Rushmore and from then on. There was a nice message in the film about how being different is a GOOD thing. ha
also, I have to mention here another favorite movie creator. Whit Stillman. I might have mentioned that before. in college I remember renting "Barcelona" and then "Metropolitan" which sort of opened up the whole idea of another way of living in New York City (coming from OKC). really liked both those movies. really sharp clever and well written, although some say a bit too written/scripted. I love it. "Last Days of Disco" I guess was considered sort of a last in the trilogy of Whit Stillman movies. but I'm telling you there's no better during the Holidays film to watch than "Metropolitan". sure it's dated now. I also used to rent the Woody Allen film "September" every September. seriously I know I was an ENglish major nerd for real. If you are into Woody Allen movies at all and haven't seen "Interiors", it's prolly my favorite of the older drama type movies he's made. I dont' pay much attention at all to any movies from WA since THe movie with Helen Hunt, Jade somethihng... you start hearing the same lines/jokes in every movie ha. well plus I don't like the whole cheating storylines since I'm such an idealist I guess.
SO ANYWAY, I walked around the mall a little bit after the movie and checked out the Apple store, Banana Republic, Lego's store, Pottery barn, and went into dillards just to check out shoes and then ended up getting a shirt. even though I planned on not buying a single thing. Especially since I'll be in NYC in one WEEK!!! WOOT WOOT... but anyway, what with the 50% off of already marked 50% off.. I couldn't resist this one marked down dress shirt button up which was going for $14.96. ha. searched online today for gay bars in NYC and just checking out where all I might want to try checking around.
Thanks tons for all the comments and suggestions btw , definitely have my list going.

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Mike said...

I was this close- really close to going and seeing that yesterday. It was either Precious, Fantastic Mr. Fox, or staring at 17 year old eye candy for 2 hours. I have standards, so I chose Precious. lol