Tuesday, August 18, 2009

no job YET.

hey y'all. you know I haven't really done a lot of personal blogging lately. I guess I feel I've covered the whole closet life in OKC thing. and not much is changed there, I had considered coming out to my parents before going to Santa Fe, since they know my austin bud is gay and I'd be with him, and even if they already figured it out, I wanted them to know my whole side etc etc... and not wonder if we're some sort of item and all that, but nah that didn't happen. I sort of just mentioned I'd be going to Texas for the weekend, and then ended up in new mexico for a week and talking to them about the trip later ... .ugh
but someone asked about my job sit.....
I wasn't really aggressive enough last summer in looking for work that I wanted to do. is all I can say right now. I did not get this one really exciting great paying job I interviewed for last week. and then this one school position doing the same thing I used to do didn't work out either. which was really for the better.
I've applied at the local junior college and was offered a few classes, but couldn't accept them until I knew about the interview mentioned above. so now a week later, I have the option of teaching one class this fall which is not going to pay much. However it gets my foot in the door of higher education, which is the direction I've always wanted to go in my field of education.
I am also still researching about overseas work, because I continue to dream and long to travel again somehow someway. also I just love living in different places I've decided. so there's the update...


Mike said...

Glad to hear you are getting to teach in higher ed.

I just started my masters in teaching yesterday. 2 years to go.

Anonymous said...

In some way it might be for the best that you did not get a great paying job in OKC. If you did, it would be hard to leave a good secure job for another temp position overseas, or some other adventure. Now, you don't have much holding you back.

Have you thought about the Foreign Service with the U.S. State Dept.? It is hard to get into, but you can travel the world under a diplomatic passport, good benefits, they pay to move all your stuff, and provide housing. They are also becoming gay friendly by providing benefits to same sex partners.

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