Thursday, July 09, 2009

dan on thursday yawn

worked legs at the gym today. my hardest thing to grow. A trainer once told me I'm "exomorphic" which means lean and lanky. something about how it's harder for me to grow muscle since my arms and legs are longer than short squatty body guys who have shorter levers/limbs to use in lifting weight. that's why I do leg press more than squat machine.
Time for gym confessions: Sometimes when I'm stretching out before a workout I like to imagine I'm a magician's assistant trying to fit into some weird position inside a box. Also sometimes while I'm doing abs I imagine a convery belt going by and I have to lift my legs or torso each time something comes by. or like when I do shrugs I'll imagine I'm lifting luggage so that it doesnt hit something on an imaginary conveyor belt, othetimes on shrugs I'll say to myself "I don't know" inside my head as I shrug. When I'm doing calf raises I sometimes tilt my headback like I"m trying to look over a fence.
Today there was a really really cute short guy, but the awful thing was the too long shorts he had on that hung just below the point where his calves go back in, giving the impression of hooves sort of sticking out of those shorts into his shoes. what made it worse is that he was wearing a long sleeve tshirt loose that hung way below his waistline, seriously it looked like he was some kid playing dress up with grown up clothes. poor guy. There was another guy who is black that had on black denim shorts real loose and baggy and sagging low, so that there was about 2 inches between his shoes and the cuff. Not sure why that is work outwear, or why that is even still a STYLE. I keep waiting for some extremely popluar star or comedian to do an act or movie where they just rail on the whole sagging style to where kids begin to think, way UNCOOL. please please please let it happen soon.
someone commented about me doing porn. ha ha. I used to fantasize about that way back about having this secret life of doing porn, but take into account I'm not the most experienced top with guys I doubt it'd be much of a show. But I've had guys say that to me before about I should do porn, but I think it was just based on my dick or they were just feeding me lines, like you know how guys will try flattery like a salesman. ha I used to be one of those sort of skinny hung type guys, and was really conscious of it when I was thin, like out of proportion, now I"m worked out at 6'1 and 170 and fell all around in proprotion I guess. but you know I"m a shoe size 9 so I have to say it's not always shoe size.
The answer is no I would never do porn, I mean anyone and everyone is doing porn online these days anyway, even straight people. and I'll never have the abs I had in college anyway so it'd look obviously like all the amateur porn out there anyway... ha


Anonymous said...

you said:

"but I think it was just based on my dick or they were just feeding me lines"

so ... true confession ... what IS the size?

JUSTIN said...

I prefer "lean and lanky"!

On another note...guys shorts have become too long and wide. It's not a good, nor flattering look.

RB said...

You could always do porn in a ski mask...haha