Saturday, January 03, 2009

gymspiration in pairs....

str8 rate

well I've had a LOT of free times on my hand this last week, and am getting a lot of things done around the house, but in the times I'm not getting ANYTHING done while online I came across some straight porn on this one site with clips of college f--fest. really hit the nail in the head, i mean got me so crazy. anyone else find that stuff HOT HOT? I plan to kill time online a lot less with the new year, so I always sort of find myself binging a few hours online with that sort of thing at the end of the year.. ah yeah.

in way of real news, I made some new years resolutions this year, the usual read bible more and continue seeking out how best to apply my Christian faith to my life. I also want to continue my health plan of eating less and working out more. I want to eat as well as I did on base last year and also stay in the same kind of shape I was getting in while living there with nothing to do but the gym.
I almost had a date with a dude this weekend, surprise surprise. I had connected on manhunt with this guy adn then chatted on yahoo, and then we talked on the phone some, and considered seeing a movie yesterday, but he ended up going bowling and spoke about coming over later but I wasn't in to it so much.
I DID go see a movie yesterday with buddy in town, S. in the afternoon. Marley and me. a real nice family movie about a dog. and I'm not much of a dog movie person, but it was an excellent movie, owen and jennifer act it all out wonderfully although they look the same the whole movie which spans about 10 years, maybe that's possible for some. my only critical point is the mcsteamy guy from greys anatomy in the movie, supposedly some great buddy to the grogan character played by owen, and they have NO chemistry, all I could think when he came on screen, was there is that tv actor suddenly thrown in this movie just because of his pretty boy looks, which then I decided he sort of just looks like a taller Leonardo decapria, and also his pretty boy looks look weird on that huge frame. ha ha, anyway those were my thoughts. he didn't change the whole movie either. oh yeah also Jennifer aniston had cute outfits on and makeup in every scene which is unreal when you consider how moms really are at home with kids. i know i know its a movie... it was really a dog story after all, not completely about them.
one more thing, I grabbed a drink with bud S. at a gay bar in okc last tuesday night and it was awful, the crowd and location in okc as usual, of course we had a great time catching up but what a great reminder of how lame okc bars are. so S. decided then and there to go to dallas for new years, and he did. but anyway, there was super hot male dancer at this one emptied out bar and i tippid him and chatted him up, a super tall built built regular looking gym guy without looking too over workout sort of a baseball player build. great ass pecs etc and hair-do all spiked up and fixed all over all college boy looking. what gymspiration!! He words out in midwest city at the air force base and goes to school in edmond at UCO. oh man! he was the best looking one I've seen around in a while, and for a straight boy still knew how to dance and move. hope all are having a good weekend

Thursday, January 01, 2009

touch more in 2009

beginning the new year networking away....

I meant to post and let everyone know to start saving their favorite pics off the blog as a sort of hint that it'd be ending soon. It was a new years idea I had about stop blogging and just get on offline with my life so to speak .ha
anyway, I'm going to continue to run with the blog for a while longer, but just so ya know there might be more posts about whatever and not just gay pics all the time..... on the other hand it might just be gay pics all the time. ha
well so the new year..... i had planned on stop blogging but instead I'll go a different direction and say I plan to find someone this year for real for real.
I've also decided to get big this year. It's really difficult to get the right kind of big though let me tell ya, but I've decided if I can do it in Afghanistan then I can do it here, I jsut have to dedicate the same amount of time and all, and at least here I can swim laps. I plan to stock up again on the ISOPURE protein whether it helps or not, it keeps me going with the workouts.
I plan to spend more time studying my bible as I continue down whatever path in life. Either way I know my faith will always be a part of it. and I need to be prepared with answers for why I beleive what I believe as long as the proper words to encourage others.
I aim to kick it into gear now that the holidays are over and search for the next job/career...etc
I also have tons of plans for my little house this spring, a few new doulbe pane windows come first this month, then a bathroom, maybe a kitchen counter, and eventually tear up the carpet to the original floor, take that up and brace with cinderblocks underneath and then put back the floor and put down a new woodwn floor. fun huh? another goal is to take down the lowered ceiling and replace with a wooden or tin one.... just ideas.
next time I travel I want to be better defined and in shape I've decided cause I ain't getting any younger!
HAPPY NEW YEAR to readers btw. I spent time with some good ole straight friends here in OKC last night 3 couples and one engaged couple and a few single ladies not worth and second looks or anything. but it was awesome reconnecting with all of 'em. also was awesome to meet another ranodm married couple there, this guy who works for a contracting agency and is going to help look into what the company has open in Iraq. so its always good to network a bit, heck yeah, it's so true it really is who ya know or at least meet. network network network.
for now I'm going to continue subbing and maybe look for some night jobs just to get out and interact with people some now that I have no roomie.....
Let me know some of your thoughts or new years goals readers! have a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

more bulge on guys, happy new year

get into position for the new year....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

last weekend...

I thought i'd leave a bit more of a post about dallas.
got down there Friday night and met my bud and his date at Grapevine on Maple and oaklawn. It's quite an awesome laid back place. such a mix of guys and people, and they have an oudoor basketball court in the back and I've always loved the laid back groovy feel of that place. I ran into a guy from Duncan that I knew many years ago when I was in college and went out to some bars in okc with my gf, and i remember he and his friends would go out wearing all black and I reminded him of it. ha
next they wanted to show me a place called zippers. this is a bar without about 6 ro more male dancers on various stages dancing around and guys drinking and ooogling and tipping. was also a fun random stop for a friday. itipped about 5 single to this younger guy who was a little twinky dude that looked like david beckham actually, but he cracked me up that he kept watching himself in the mirror behind him in the corner while dancing.
saturday, slept in and had some breakfast,then had some good times getting out running errands in dallas, PF wanted to go by an electronic store for a printer and I was shopping VCRs and he was so cute walking away when I started talking to some random strangers at the store about VCRs. ahhh good ole PF. next we went to mockingbird square so I could shop some clearance sale action at West Elm store, yup it was that gay. and we checked out urban outfitters and some other shops, then his bud from the nigth before met us there and we had lunch at a mexican restaurant called Margarita grill. hung out talking at his place next, then he worked saturday night, so I went up to Ikea and shopped around, then later met him downtown. I went to Mickeys and had some beers, met another ESL teacher and was talking away and forgot to walk over to PF work by 11. so he started walking to meet halfway and we were at the Roundup the rest of the night. ( i got the esl teacher's number)
ran into a hot muscly latin guy I met 2 years ago new years in OKC, he might be in okc this week so we traded numbers again, and then sort of talked to guys and walked around the bar most of the evening, drinking beers. at one point flirting with this big tall buy behind me at the bar, and he was playing with my rear later, and then talking to me, and then introducing me to his bf later and asking me over for a 3way later. but by then I was drinking bottles of water to sober up before driving home. PF had left before me to visit his bud. went home and crashed. SUnday, PF ceom home and we catch up some more, then go out to a street near highland park with all these fun stores, he showed me some cool modern furniture stores there, and we ate at a cool diner type drugstore and then shopped some stocking stuffers for his kids. great weekend and back to OKC, great drive, I look forward to getting down a few more times this spring.

Monday, December 29, 2008

too much fun

dan does dallas... ha

not really, just had a lot of fun.
went out with okc bud now a bonafide dallas resident, knowing all the hot guys and places in town.
PF and I had a really great time, and there ain't no one better to chill with, he's so laid back and cool and we can completely discuss the same things with actual interest. it rocked.
He's got a hottie bud down there he's sort of not for sure dating as of now. we went out saturday night to some clubs ending up at round up and I got some great great looks and about 3 phone numbers for no reason since I"m not from there, and the guy playing with my ass for a while at the crowded bar was nice. meeting his boyfriend and getting invited over later was also exciting. but nah, good ole dan went home alone just as satisfied to get out and have some drinks and even caught up with some guys I know from okc at the bar. that was cool
hope everyone is enjoying the break.