Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

back in okc, one week

well I'm pretty busy getting back to things here in OKC. are you out there fellow closet gay guys in Okalhoma City? CHristian dudes? bi dudes? gay guys that aren't into the whole bar scene? you there? yeah you're there.... I know. but dang it if we just can't all connect.

lately, I'm just making sense of the house and getting everything put in its place before bringing stuff out of storage.. ugh and I've applied at two schools for subbing which is cool because one is a block away and they've alreayd called with 2 jobs.
I got temporary health insurance today, and changed my addresses back to my place at the bank, and at both places I discussed the options of 6 or 9 month cd's at 3.5 or a checking account with 5.0 but I don't want to put my savings into my checking, to easy to spend...
The fun news of today is I saw a new couch in the gym lobby and am researching the style and who helped them at mathis brothers here in okc. I think I want the same couch, it's a huge big comfy but not too soft black leather squared arms number. its SWEET.
I sort of decided I'd splurge on a couch at some point and after i get a real fulltime job again then I'm going to start considering splurge on a real piano for my place.
in non exciting purchase news, I want to get the two big front windows of my house replaced with double pane to save on energy. ALso I've been invited to a gay friend's birthday party this friday night, so that is sort of getting me out there socially back into okc, jsut a bit.... right?.... we'll see.

Sunday, November 30, 2008