Saturday, November 22, 2008

OU beats TexasTech

was a SHWEET game. I couldn't believe they got 35 points in the 2nd quarter.. just starting racking 'em up.... 65 to 21 oh man! beautiful OU. and Bradford wow.

next weekend OU plays rival OSU in stillwater, going to be a NICE thanksgiving weekend. ahh yeahhh

dive in

Friday, November 21, 2008

humor universal

where I am and what I'm seeing....

hope you like the actual travel pics... ha


came across another closet athlete blog, well he's an english teacher which makes for some great writing, but also a snowboarder and extreme sport type guy. anyway, only 3 posts so far, but it's looking good. go check out gaysnowboarder blog and leave some comment love. or come back here and comment also welcome.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

internet cafe

I'm at an internet cafe called cafemania. there is a huge cafe company here that is a sort of knock off of starbucks, called americano expresso. run by two brother, they disagreed over something and the other brother split and now they have these two cafe shops side by side throughout the city. classic right? the free computer use and internet is awesome here, although the right key and @ sign are disabled and no back key... but I can manage and found on google how to use alt key and 64. ha
we have been out of school the last 2 days because of no eclectricity and cold cold weather in the mountains. good to have extra time, I went to my gym here early before lunch yesterday and ran into my former trainer there when I lived here. he's awesome . I had my own personal victory moment where he noticed how much I've gained in the last 8 years etc... sweet.
next lunch at quiznos and then the mall for a movie, the new james bond movie. loved that movie, mainly because of daniel craig, damn I hope I look that good at that age, really goes to show you how age online aint as big a deal when you consider what shape a guy is in at any age. and the afternoon matinee ticket price equaled only $1.85. pizza hut for dinner with some friends and then back up the hill to find the lights were back on. then they were off again this morning.
will go to a pupuseria for lunch, then run around twon then gym before dinner and then back up the being in central america and all, but it's just killing time now and I can't wait to get back to the states at this point, my house, my life, my future.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, I know my wife and kids dreams are never popular on here, so I thought I'd post about some other option..., lately I've had this idea of getting a roomate again back in okc since I'll need help with the mortgage and have no idea where or if I'll be getting regular work just yet(I plan to sub for a while, and then look at working at a bookstore or something etc... who knows). I was sort of thinking today about what if I placed an ad on craigslist another closet dude needing a closet roomate. ha, like ya know, the general fantasy solid built athletic dude who is closet and not out and open to living with another closet dude etc.... then as I thought about it, I was thinking, you know what I really want is a guy with a boat, cause I love weekends at the lake and waterskiing and maybe some fishing and camping. but then I thought, isn't that like a redneck joke where the guy is looking for a wife, and places and ad for a woman with a boat and must see a pic.....of the boat.
Actually if I found the closet dude to room with, I would'n't want to mess around with him at all or date, unless it was just that perfect between us. I'm really just looking for a roomate. then I could still have dudes over but not worry bout the roomate.
well then I started to think, and this is really a big deal for me, but I tried to somehow picture me with a "bf" and getting out to the lake and boating on weekends, and hanging out with my family and my family finally realizing my "companion" was my boyfriend... ok so there it is.
if I havn'et mentioned it before, I actually have a gay cousin in the family that see every holiday, a lesbian who lives on a farm outside of okc with her "companion". I keep saying that word because that is what my sisters always refer to her, and the way they say companion is as if it were in quotes. ha but of course they are nothing but sweet and nice and kind and totally normal of my cousin and her gf. but still its funny they only use that word. not wife or gf if we won't admit it out loud to each other or something.

this morning on Today

Meredith is looking really ROUGH by satellite from Australia... I quit watching Today when she started but this morning happened to land on the show and stay. I've never liked her much on the view or the EWTBAmillionare show, and I always they thought they chould have brought up ann curry, not hire her. she looks awful this morning, but I have to say I really want to go to AUstralia. I have heard only good things about the place. I'd like to see the bigger cities and the beaches and maybe the gay scene. but overall just the people in general and men yeah.
one thing I love about every Australian I've ever met is their outspokenness, they are going to call things as they seem them no doubt! I've also heard from people living there that it's a pretty friendly society, where strangers still say hello at the bus stop for example.
I used to have a fascination about australian movies, I had a theory once that every film included some sort of tragedy or someone ending up in a wheelchair, for example "Muriels's wedding", "strictly ballroom", or the one with russell crowe playing a gay rugby player. well obviously thats not true, but they are all good films I will say. anyone had some fun down under?

starter wife anyone?

anyone watching this show? I've caught it on the USA cable channel here while kiling time in the mornings before going into to sub 7th graders (one week left, phew). First of all, Judy Davis is in the show, and I've always loved Judy Davis since the fox or hedgehog conversation in Husbands and Wives, also she was in Naked Lunch. anyway, there is a storyline involving this decorator and his closet athlete boyfriend, and a hot big black man at that.. ahh yeah. what do ya think?