Saturday, November 01, 2008

latin camp

thought this was about right for halloween

3rd world

always an experience, but if I had to choose between afghanistan, senegal and here, well here would win over easy. Because of the people I guess and the climate. although since I arrived there has been no sun, zero, because where I'm staying is in the mountains above the capitol city and we're in the clouds. a cold front is all around the city so it's been wet and cold and foggy and windy and drippy and hazy and etc etc.. but I still love it cause it reminds me of the 3 years I lived here after college, and everything is so GREEN now because of the rain.
I've been out with some of the new teachers, all recent young grads themselves. and it's great being an experienced dude and hopefully I'll be able to off a bit of encouragement because living here isn't easy and it really does take time to get used to the culture differences all around.
so since here, I've rejoined my old gym and plan to get in some workouts with a former student who works out there.
I bought a motorola cell phone for about $26 and then got a SIM card for $3. and then I think I got a card for 2 hours of calls that cost $15. but I have to go back today because while switching out the sim card too many times it automatically blocks,cell phone theft here is huge. anyway, the cell phone will help former students contact me about getting togethery and catching up which I'm looking forward to.
TOday, I'm getting up to a cold cement walled housing where I"m stayingin a guest room that is huge with 20 foot ceilings which is how things are built here. I'm on a hillside across the street from the school i used to work at, surrounded by pine trees and tropical plants and trees of all kinds dripping from the morning fog, covered in a bit of moss or lichens, but great great to be here having to do nothing!
I'll go downtown for lunch and then some studetns want to meet me for coffee at 2 or 3. they have cable where I'm staying so I'll chill and relax for a while, maybe walk down to the pulperia to buy some homegrown eggs and fix some breakfast.

happy halloween..... uh huh

Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

busted? or

Yeah I'm not really sure if someone really knows me or is just pulling my chain on here.
the thing is I'm not sure what old college crowd that would be, anyone I think of would'nt be the type to go out and spread the word. I"ll have to wait for some sort of email I guess if it's for real.
but the message did freak me out a bit, I was about to click on the delete the blog key, but decided to wait it out first.... damn it all.
I"m in Central america now for 3 more weeks.went to the gym today and to some of my old stops on the way home etc... tomorrow will be contacting former students. IT s very green here and feels aweomse to be back.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

charles degualle again.......yawn

well i recommend a LOT of time to get back to the airport while in paris. We figured only 2.5 hours and it ended up taking FOREVER just getting our train ticket, on the train, figure out the terminal... etc and I'm not sure if H missed his flight but I did. (we had departures from different terminals after all) So I'm sitting here and did not leave this morning at 10:45 but instead will leave to US at 7pm. then I will fly back to okc sometime wed morning... .... so right now I have about 4 hours to kill at the airport.....
well our last day was exciting here in paris. we slept in way late, eventually getting a sort of brunch over with by 1pm and then off to the eiffel tower, we walked all around and took too many pictures, and then went back to the room to sort of just sleep and rest up.... getting back out later to dinner and then the arc de triumph at night ( but we were too late to go up to the top and boy was H pissed). next back to marais.....
went back to Raid which seems to be the most crowded happening place we found this weekend, however I met 2 guys one from spain and the other france, but both spoke Spanish. we were standing close during the guy behind a glass window showering performance (f-ing unbelievable show thing BIG BIG BIG and hot) anyway.... so the cute tall darkhaired one was parisian but spoke spanish, we chatted for a while, then he and his friend invited H and I to another bar.. we walked up to it, was empty, went to antoher bar down the road. which the coolest by far, it was not crowded but had a diverse crowd and all the drawing art on the walls. was AWESOME... drank beer there, went back to the other club, then ditched the guys and headed back for Raid.
that's that. got up this morning and taxied to the train station, the here at the airport, and now awaiting my flight. I am going to go a little crazy tomorrow trying to get eveything cleaned and repacked for Wednesday mornings flight to Central America!! whoah
btw I'm also going to start researching for English teaching jobs in Barcelona this next week.